The one business that will never go out of fashion

Dear Early to Rise Reader -

You've heard the phrase "Information is power" right?

Well, that's ONE way to put it. But I think a BETTER way is this:

"Information is money!" 

In fact, it's a $250 billion market.

That's an awfully big pie - just waiting to be cut up.  And you can "take your slice" simply by giving people the information, answers, solutions and advice they're looking for.

I'm talking about one business that will never go out of fashion: "Information marketing." Info-marketing simply means developing and marketing products based on ideas, advice and - of course - information.

It could be a passion or hobby of yours. Fly fishing. Macrame. Exotic plants. Motocross. Thai Cuisine. Miniature dolls. Bridge. Acrylic painting. Dog grooming.

Or, it could be a talent, skill or expertise you have. Photography. Interior decorating. Bookkeeping. Quilting. Auto detailing. Bird calling. Landscaping. Raising teenagers.

The information you sell doesn't even have to be in an area you're already skilled at. Maybe all your life you've been dying to learn French cooking. Well, why not learn it... and then market your new-found knowledge online?

Better yet, you can jump into information marketing while keeping your day job. It's a perfect low-risk way to create cash "on the side" - until you're earning enough to make it a full-time career.

These products can take the form of an e-mail (or print) newsletter... a CD course... a video-recording of an interview... an e-book... a teleseminar... and much more.

And don't think for a second that you don't have the information that other people want. Believe me, you do. More than you know.

But suppose you don't know anything about sales or marketing?

Well that's where we come in.

I want you to meet 12 men and women who've become incredibly successful as info marketers... and find out how you can get exclusive access to their cutting-edge ideas, money-making strategies, and breakthrough techniques for getting your own start in this growing, profit-producing market.

Meet these experts and you could go from making zero to $120,000 (or even more!) in less than 12 months.

Get all the details here.


Charlie Byrne
ETR Associate Publisher

P.S. Still not sure information marketing is as "easy" as it seems? Get a quick 5-step process ANYONE can use to get started when you click here.

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