Webinar -Friday 1:00 PM EDT - The SECRET To Making Money On Social Networks...

Everyone wants more information about Gena's amazing online success,
so I've scheduled this Special Webinar at 1:00 PM Friday afternoon for
you and all of your friends to learn her secret.
LOG IN OR CALL IN and learn how Gena added 25 people to her business
in July.
During this webinar you'll also learn how Gena has been able to add 48
people to her business in the last 90 days without spending a dime on leads,
web-sites, lead capture systems, or marketing of any kind.
Making BIG Money on Social Networks – Friday, August 7, 2009,
1:00 PM EDT- Registration Web Link:
If you'd like to add one new customer, distributor or client to your business
in LESS THAN AN HOUR A DAY from a pool of 250 MILLION people
waiting to hear from you and not have to spend a penny on any complex
lead capture system, JOIN ME DURING THIS WEBINAR.
You don't have to create leads online, when you know where to find the
people who need what you have and are waiting to hear from you on
Social Networks!
Gena has learned how to identify them, qualify and close them. You can too.
If you'd you like to know the Secret that Gena knows but 99.9% of the people
marketing on the Internet DO NOT KNOW, and every other Internet Expert
and Guru has missed, I'LL TELL YOU.
Please join me on this Special Webinar Friday afternoon where you'll learn
ALL OF THE ABOVE and so much more.
Participation is Open to Everyone but Space Is Extremely Limited. 
Please dial in 5 minutes early to insure your place.
This Webinar will be filled to capacity at 1:05 PM.
If you're currently creating leads online, trying to create them or plan to try
in the future, this webinar will give you an easier, faster and less expensive
way to do it.  You can't beat....F'REE Leads!
Let me show you the surefire simple methods used by distributors in over
a 100 companies from all around the world to create an endless supply of
HIGH quality, HIGHLY targeted F'REE leads in less than an hour a day…
 - A Website!
 - Lead Capture Systems!
 - A Mailing List!
 - Advertising Costs!
 - Marketing Costs!
 - Cold Calls!
 - Rejection!
No matter HOW MUCH or HOW LITTLE you know about computers or the
Internet, this Webinar will change FOREVER how you conduct your business.
There is NO ONE out there teaching what I do.
This is your chance to see for yourself.
Join me this afternoon.
I promise this will be worth every minute of your time.
What you'll see will transform the way you do business and take it to the next level
just like it's done for Gena.
Warmest regards
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  The first 5 people that register for my next Boot Camp
after the webinar ends can save 65%.


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