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Four ways to double sales this year

4 ways to double salesBy Chet Holmes
Adviser to more than 60 of the Global 1000, and top producer in every position ever held when he was a salesperson in the trenches. Here are four ways to double
your sales in the next twelve months. Each of these
concepts separately can double sales, but put them all together and you could be in for a banner year. Let’s get right into it.
Concept one to doubles sales: The Best Buyer Concept

Completely grasp the power of this: There’s always a smaller number of ideal buyers,
rather than all buyers, so ideal buyers are cheaper to market to and yet bring greater rewards.
I took over the advertising sales of a magazine owned by billionaire, Charlie Munger. They had a database of 2200 advertisers that they sent promo-pieces to each month. Of those 2200 advertisers, 167 of them bought 95% of the
advertising in the competitor’s magazine (not ours). We
started what I call “The Dream 100 Sell,” a concept where you go after your “Dream” prospects with a vengeance. …