A reminder.....Endless Free Leads for $99 expires today!

Just a reminder to make sure and take advantage
of the special Endless Free Leads 2.0 Special Price of
$99.  Save 65% with the huge discount before it expires
later today.
As the pre-eminent trainer of Internet prospecting,
it's my deepest wish to impart my prospecting wisdom to you.
My goal is to have everyone learn from me so the struggle
to succeed in this business can finally come to an end.
There's really no reason for struggle, stress and strain
of any kind when this information is right here for you.
So if it seems like I'm sending out a lot of email it's
because your success is so important to me.
It's also because it normally takes people a while to retain,
respond and finally act on any marketing correspondence.
My former and current students knew when it was 'their time'
to take my training, and they let me know that if it weren't
for my messages to them they might still be on a treadmill,
never getting anywhere after exhausting their warm market.
If you go to my web site and look at all the testimonials,
and if you look closely enough you'll see a pattern.
The common thread in many of these messages is of thanks
and appreciation for my persistence, the success stories,
and all wished they had started sooner.

As you're reading this, my staff has just finished DOUBLING
the content of my Video Training course, "Endless Free Leads
2.0"  that will have you adding one new person a day to your
business in less than an hour.
I've DOUBLED EVERYTHING...the videos, the quick reference
links and the examples of where to find the best people, how to
qualify them and how to close them because I want to make
the process even easier and much more fun.
These extra video's break down each part of the process into
minute detail so that even the most computer challenged person
can follow along and duplicate the success everyone else is
Now here's even BETTER NEWS.
For the REST OF TODAY, you and everyone you know can
purchase it for ONLY $99.  People have eagerly paid $298 for it,
but you and your friends can save $200 and order it today.
That's a 65% Discount for twice the content.
Here's what Gena had to say last night about my Endless
Free Leads 2.0 System during my LIVE support session:
     "I just signed up a  gal from my friends list, she came
      to me after seeing me post 'is ready to help 5 people
      make their fortune on the Internet'. She told me that
      she watched me post that for weeks and finally she
      couldn't stand it!  She wanted to be one of my 5!!
      Now the fun part. As I was signing her up she told me
      she already talked to 2 of her friends, her 4 daughters,
      5 co workers. They want to talk to me and sign up too.
      As we were hanging up she was already making a list
      of people that she wants me to talk to. This is just too
     BTW - I added 44 people to my team this month so far,
     using your scripts. I'm just so EXCITED.  I'm having a
     hard time containing myself - LOL  It IS addicting "
What would it be worth to you to sign-up one new recruit or one new
customer, each and every week? How about one a day?
What would it be worth to you in pride, security, and income to add just
one new prospect to your business... without:
- A website!
- Hosting Fees!
- Advertising or Marketing expenses!
- The stress of prospecting!
- The anxiety of talking to cold prospects!
- Having to learn anything complicated!
- Spending countless nights worrying!
- Cold calling anyone... ever!
- Waste any more money buying leads!
And... having a whole lot of fun building your business?
Take advantage of this Special Offer NOW because you
will never see it this low again:
Simply take the 1 Payment Option, use the Coupon Code
( STIMULUS99 ) and pay only $99.  
But don't delay too long. This mailing is going out to my
entire list. 
This Special 65% Discount - $99 Offer is ONLY Available
for the rest of today.
This will be the Best Investment you've ever made for your
     "... I signed up 46 people in the last 60 days. You're the best." John.
     "... 2 signed up into my business within 45 minutes..." - Brian.
     "... I already signed 5 people in the last week... I'm falling off my
     chair!" - Kaye.
     "... In the past 60 days... I've added 24 people to my group..." - Carolyn.
     "... I have signed up 2 new members in the last 2 days..." - Lori.
     "... I'm going into my second session of your program with 177 new friends
     and 6 new customers thanks to you..." - D. Miller, Toronto, CA
     "... I made my training investment back the first week with 9 new
     customers..." - P. Michael, Dallas, TX
Do It NOW or you'll MISS the Boat!
I'm as anxious to read your Success Story as you are to write it.
Register now, and you can get started TODAY!
Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Don't forget the COUPON CODE.
Simply take the 1 Payment Option, use the Coupon Code
( STIMULUS99 ) and pay only $99.
P.S.S.  If you've already purchased my Endless Free Leads 2.0
Video training system in the past, you'll find the EXTRA Content
is now available to you too.

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