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Freebie Force -- The Income Potential

Freebie Force pays commissions on the first and third Wednesday of each month.You can see your commission earnings in your back office by clicking on My EarningsGo to and log in with your username and password.You earn $1 per active member in your 5 by 7 forced matrix.This means that you can have up to 5 people on your first level, 25 on your second level and so on.The potential through the entire matrix looks like this:Level 1 ---5Level 2 ---25 Level 3 ---125Level 4 ---625Level 5 ---3,125Level 6 --- 15,625Level 7 --- 78,125TOTAL in all levels:97,655Earn the first two levels with no qualifications.Earn on levels 3-7 by sponsoring just 3 people.Some people laugh at the concept of earning just one dollar per person.However, if they take time to think this through, they get excited.The potential earnings from a fully filled 5X7 matrix is $97,655. Will anyone ever fill a matrix all the way? It is highly unlikely. However, the most successful top…


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WHY HAVE A “BACK-UP” INCOME?If you truly understood the difference between PROFITS and WAGES, you would be pursuing PROFITS with a very serious passion. “WAGES” will bring in your basic necessities, but “PROFITS” will create you a New Lifestyle! “WAGES” will get you by, but “PROFITS” will get you ahead! “WAGES” will make you a living, but “PROFITS” will make you a fortune! Once you understand this and you take action with the knowledge you have, you will be on your way to Financial Freedom. “BBA ENTERPRISES” allows you and me to take full advantage of a Business System that employs both “PROFITS” and “LEVERAGE.” WHY BUILD A “BACK-UP” INCOME?Because there is NO LONGER ANY LOYALTY OR SECURITY in the Job Market. Merger mania, company buyouts, moving overseas, mega-layoffs, and the inflation of the American dollar have financially devastated millions of families. The lesson to be learned is: “If you're not building a Back-up Income, it could be YOU who ends up sinking your own ship.” …