Have you heard the whispers?

Dear Early to Rise Reader,

Have you heard the whispers? Everyone is talking about it.

From Frank Kern to Mike Filsaime to Russell Branson... Some of the biggest players in the Internet marketing world are buzzing about a new and powerful marketing strategy.

And with good reason.

This technique can bring in boatloads of traffic. In fact, I'd call it the ULTIMATE traffic driver. Traditional methods of driving visitors to your site - like search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising - are certainly valuable tools to have in your marketing arsenal.

But nothing can send your traffic soaring like the Ultimate Traffic Driver. This tactic can...

  • Give you immediate, instant access to over 1.6 billion Internet users.
  • Help you make 30 times the sales. (In one instance, this secret helped a relatively new company boost their sales from $10,000 a month to $300,000 a month.)
  • Turn a single product into a virtual rainmaker - think $60 million a year in sales.

In short, this Ultimate Traffic Driver can take your online business to the next level and beyond... And do so faster than you imagined.

Up until now, very few marketers even knew this traffic technique existed. But it's hard to keep a lid on the kinds of cash it's producing. No wonder the Internet's top marketers have been clamoring for access to this traffic creation technique!

But here's some good news for you... This secret is not just available to "those in the know." It's accessible even to beginner entrepreneurs. And ETR is going to hand it over at Bootcamp this fall.

You see, we've enlisted a man we'll call "Mr. X" to spill all the details on this money-generating secret during ETR's Info Marketing Bootcamp. Mr. X - whose identity we've agreed to keep under wraps - is the undisputed king of this Ultimate Traffic Driving technique.  

In fact, he's used it to rack up some CRAZY numbers.

I'm talking about $5 million in online sales per month from a single product.

One of his clients used this "Ultimate Traffic Driver" secret to see his Internet sales go from zero to nearly $2 million per month in less than six months. Another client - a beginner who'd been in business just a few months - applied Mr. X's secret to his business... and turned his $120,000-a-year revenues into $3.6 million.

This November, Mr. X has pledged to unveil this Ultimate Traffic Driver to serious wealth builders like you. He'll reveal how you can turn this one secret - a secret that Google and other marketers would rather you didn't know - into a bonanza of Internet sales for yourself.

Make sure you register for Bootcamp immediately. The price jumps at 5:00 pm today.


MaryEllen Tribby
CEO & Publisher, Early to Rise

P.S. Mr. X isn't the only Internet visionary who's pledged to share his top money-making secret at Bootcamp. We've got 11 of the country's best business and marketing minds lines up to reveal the cutting-edge ideas and breakthrough methods you can use to skyrocket your income. Don't delay and pay more. Register for Bootcamp right now.




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