why relationships fall apart

Hello again Glen,

Before I talk about relationships, I must tell you about
my cartoon from last week. I received such an overwhelmingly
positive response from it that I decided to try my hand
at it again.

This week's eye-opening cartoon is about your relationship
with yourself. Just like last week, I expect that many of you
will say, "That's about me! How did you know?"

You can see the cartoon (and also last week's cartoon) at:


Now, on to the subject of relationships.

The statistics are dismal. At any point in time, nearly a
third of the adult population is contemplating breaking up
their relationship.

In the meanwhile, almost an equal number, seemingly oblivious
to the plight of the first group, is desperately seeking a

And then there are the uncounted millions who, after making
the trip one too many times, have given up completely on
the idea of relationships.

Why this eternal struggle? And what can you do to end
your struggle?

The answer will surprise you. Get it at:


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