The quiet quitter.

Dear Glen,

Do you know what I think is tragic?
I think it's tragic that a lot of network marketers
stop paying attention to their businesses until it's
too late.
You won't find it on the news. People don't usually
discuss it, openly...still, lots of people opt to, through
inaction, quit the business...quietly.
I don't blame them.
After all, I often find many networkers still doing things
the hard way -- grinding away at a tattered and tired
friends and family list praying for the sweet relief only the
death of their business would bring.
If, like so many others, you're expending inordinate effort
without enjoying results enough to 'juice you up' in the
morning...that affirm your value to a viable, thriving
community...on a clear cut path to your financial goals
of independence...I don't think it's your fault...
I simply think most networkers I talk with haven't received
proper training. I mean...really...the business IS a simple
one: Add people to your business, sell sufficient quantity
of products and ... you have a business.
But that's the rub. Everything seems simple...
and deep down you know it is simple ... if you
only knew how to implement ... recruit people
fast enough ... retain those you recruit ...
and train those you recruit to recruit and train.
In my opinion, the business model is a sound
one, but for the lack of effective training.
I'm changing all of that!
A bold claim, I know, but when you consider
I'm an advisor to some of the top people in the
industry, been recognized by two US Presidents
and featured in Inc. magazine as their "Success
Story of The Year," perhaps you'll find my bold
claim credible.
And my offer to you undeniably valuable.
If you'll let me, I'll show you how to systematize
and simplify the recruiting process...with 'Presto-
Change-o' ease...even if you're a
you can now add 1 person to your business every
day in less than a hour and, in turn, show those you
recruit how they can easily the same number per
week to their business.
In fact, I guarantee you that by showing up for
SATURDAY'S boot camp and by taking simple
action, you'll automatically add at least 5 people to
your business by the middle of September --
or your money back. (If you can't make this
first session, I'll record it for you, so don't let that
stop you from 'fixing' your entire business).
I can offer such a guarantee, because, according to
past students, what I will share with you in my Boot
Camp has worked faultlessly to add people to their
And it's fun, automatically increasing your likelihood
of following through.
Now here's important news.
Yesterday, A MAJOR UPGRADE took place that will
make it easier than ever before to grow your business. 
There are only 50 seats available in this unique
and exclusive program... and 35 have already gone.
There's a spot here with YOUR name on it... but if
you don't act NOW, it'll be swiped from under your
nose by some other savvy network marketer.
And you do NOT want to miss the new strategies and
secrets I expose on this Program... simply because if
you do... it WILL cost you money. Guaranteed.
To encourage you to participate, I'm giving you a BIG
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247.  That's  65% Discount.
Don't be left out. Register NOW
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. CALL IN or LOG IN to a Special Webinar Friday morning
to see how powerful this training can be for you.
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Special Webinar - Making Money on Social Networks –
Friday, August 21, 2009, 10:00 AM EDT
Registration Web Link:
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P.P.S.  Don't forget this Special Deal Expires when the 15th
place is gone..

P.P.S. If you'd like me to personally coach you.
Go To :
and I'll put you in this Facebook Boot Camp for free

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