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Health Care Update: Important Information!

Policy Patriots -What have you accomplished?Because of your efforts against ObamaCare all the Republican Senators stayed the course. About two dozen of them were potential votes for something like the Reid bill.Where are we now? The Senate and House bills have to be reconciled and then go back for a vote in the Senate and House. Right now, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are talking with each other about how to reconcile the differences between the two bills. We are hearing that there may not be a formal conference committee, because of all the procedural hurdles to appoint conferees, including likely Republican opposition and various time-consuming matters pertaining to congressional rules and procedures.There could be some sort of "informal" conference committee, bypassing congressional rules, where a few Senate and House Democrats literally write a new bill (taking pieces from each of the House and Senate passed bills). Both chambers of Congress would have to approve the ne…

re: datasets of dentists

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finding flow and ease.....xoxo SOS

Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together!"Flow and ease do not come and go with circumstances.....they are a way of being." J. HoughHey Glen ...... I was at the Toronto Airport today...and security had been tripled......and I was in a line for 3 hours and missed my flight to Costa Rica.  All around me was incredible upset and anger.  I was catching that bug a little.  I started to engage the upset of others.  Then I remembered, that I was given the capacity to choose to remember that I am a magnificent child of a magical Universe......SOUL Whispers - I did not change my thoughts....although my thoughts effortlessly changed.  They changed because I disengaged from the drama a few hours later.  Was it easy?  Well, I had a couple of wonderful friends to speak to (thank you) who assisted me to remember the truth of who we are.  It took some inspired action.......and I couldn't imagine living any other way.Let Go of the Oars - Being rig…

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Happy Holidays from Jeanette Nordstrom and your friends at the NCPA!


is anything really in the way?...xoxo SOS

Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together!"You can let life steam roller you.....or instead, you can live in the mode of creating and playing with life. Both options are available right now. Which one you gonna pick?" J. HoughHey Glen ...... Today it became pretty clear that sometimes it is easy to focus on feeling like a victim of our circumstances....and justifying why life is hard.  It also became even more clear, that in an instant solutions and momentum is available.  It just depends on what you give more of your 'yes' to.SOUL Whispers - I love love love being in the mode of creation.  When I am allowing the ideas to come and looking for ways to expand my joy, issues seem so very small.  When I decide to focus on issues, it seems there are few creative solutions......and then I remember that I am the Divine expression of an infinitely expanding Universe and I get right back to creating again!Let Go of the Oars - Your ego lo…

multiplying miracles...xoxo SOS

Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together!"Appreciate what is and more is possible of what you already know....and joyfully, more is possible of what you can't even yet imagine.....just because you said YES to what is." J. HoughHi there!  I love the  tools we've been granted to instantaneously connect with our infinite nature.  One of them is appreciation.  Once your heart is open to the blessings before you, the Universe opens up to all the blessings that have been waiting.SOUL Whispers - What if we spent the rest of our lives putting infinitely more energy into being present to things we appreciate, instead of focusing most of our efforts on fixing the things that we don't?  Wonder what would happen?  Check this out.Let Go of the Oars - Appreciation is not something to 'do', it is actually a way of being.  Try that on!
  I appreciate chocolate.....a lot. xoxoxo The Sister of Soul
©December 2009 - Jennifer HoughDecemb…

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NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 12-18-2009

National Center for Policy AnalysisDaily Policy DigestFriday, December 18, 2009There are more than 500,000 subscribers that receive the Daily Policy Digest. Help us hit 1 million by Forwarding to a Friend. Yes, I want to support Daily Policy Digest
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Health IssuesWAYS TO SLASH YOUR HEALTH COSTSThere are many overlooked ways to trim your health costs and still get the care you need, says Devon Herrick, a health economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis...PR NEWSWIRE Health IssuesHEALTH REFORM: BLAME MITTEven with the so-called "public option" out of the Senate health care reform bill, the final product increasingly looks like the failed Massachusetts experiment, says health economist Michael Tanner...CATO INSTITUTEHealth IssuesOBAMACARE'S HSA PROMISE -- AND PERILUnfortunately, obscure details buried deep in the Democrats' health care reform legislation could easily kill health savings accounts with the stroke of a pen, says Paul Howard…

If life was about this, ego would disappear...xoxo SOS

Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together!"Food is simply particles of energy made in different shapes and sizes.  It is not innately good or bad.  We add that ingredient.  Then guess what happens to our hips when we eat the 'bad' ones." J. HoughHey you!  Tis the season, hunh?  So much great food being made and shared at this time of the year, and so much guilt being served for dessert!   The only reason we deem food bad or worthy of guilt, is because we buy someone else's story about it.  Really, foods are just collections of energetic particles that come in different shapes and sizes........and we call the 'bad' ones treats, and the good ones nutrition.SOUL Whispers - "Oh, just a small piece, I'm being good tonight."  Ever heard that?  If you want to project meaning on food and yourself, you are free to do that.....aaaaannndddd being able to have the opportunity to experience foods of all sorts is a j…

NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 12-17-2009

National Center for Policy AnalysisDaily Policy DigestThursday, December 17, 2009There are more than 500,000 subscribers that receive the Daily Policy Digest. Help us hit 1 million by Forwarding to a Friend. Yes, I want to support Daily Policy Digest
and contribute today!
Health IssuesTHE HEALTH BILL IS SCARYWhen the government asserts the power to provide care, it also asserts the power to deny care, says Dr. Tom Coburn, a physician and a Republican senator from Oklahoma...WALL STREET JOURNALSocial IssuesWHITE AMERICANS' MAJORITY TO END BY MID-CENTURYLast year's Census Bureau projections that white children would become a minority in 2023 and the overall white population would follow in 2042 have been updated and pushed back eight years to 2050...ASSOCIATED PRESS/CENSUS BUREAUHealth IssuesINDIVIDUAL MANDATES: "YOU'LL BUY IT OR ELSE"Individual mandates do not address the fundamental problem people face when buying health insurance: it is expensive, says Dr. Linda H…

If life was about this, ego would disappear...xoxo SOS

Have you shared SOUL with a friend today.....join and let's wake up together!"It is impossible to come from 'love and assistance' and be in your ego at the same time. How do you drop your ego? Ask yourself 'how can I be of love and assistance' right now? (including in your own life)" J. HoughHi there you beautiful hunk of human being you!  I always had a feeling that there were easier ways of transcending ego.  One way is to analyze it, excavate it, and talk to it.  Another way, is to find a inspiring way of being in life, and just be that way instead.....because it's more compelling.SOUL Whispers - When you are coming from love and assistance....authentically.  Not from a place of obligation or responsibility....from a place of heart and contribution, the ego simply has no room to play!  You don't have to fix it, kick it out or analyze it.  After all, the truth is that loving yourself enough to have overflow that ignites other flames is a humblin…