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The Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Health Care Reform Act.

Soon, those 53 Million Americans will have to buy health insurance or pay a penalty of sev...This could be the single biggest wealth creation event of our lifetime!

Social Messaging Comes to Internet Marketing!

Matthew Graves has just come out with a new site which is a game-changer. It gives you the power to build relationships with your prospective customers and partners like never before. This is Social Message Connect.

Social Message Connect combines the latest in social media messaging with the power of a mailer program. Imagine a safelist with no email! Now you don’t have to worry about spam filters, junk mail folders, and ema...Social Messaging Comes to Internet Marketing!

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A Review Of David Wood’s Empower Network

I am sure you would have seen these Empower Network ads when you log on to Facebook.  As you can expect, we here at will give you a honest review of the system, and what the buzz is all about.  I will also explain to you what exactly David Wood or David Sharp won’t tell you about the Empower Network only if you promise me not to tell anybody else.  Do you promise?

David Wood shared the idea of Empower Network with Ola few months back about his desire to create a system t...Review David Wood’s Empower Network
WordPress Plugin That Designs Beautiful Headlines in 2 Clicks?

The Most Advanced Mailing System on the Planet!

Matthew Graves has just put all of his experience with thousands of email campaigns into a new mailer which changes the whole game of email marketing. The site just launched and is called TopTierMailer.

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Make Them Fall In Love With Buying From You (with this)

I'll be strait forward and short today....

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I got back up to fight, too.

My friend, Dave Wood, just sent this late yesterday, and I wanted to share it with you for a few specific reasons…

1) I wanted to see if you could identify with our pain.

2) I wanted to echo the fact that no matter how much pain we have to go through, we ain’t going no where.

3) I wanna know if you’re ready to go to war with us?

Read on to see what I mean…..

———- Forwarded message ———- From: David Wood Date: Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 10:28 PM Subject: I got back up to fight.
I wanted to share this:

Over the past few months, I literally have been through hell and back in business.

I don’t know if you understand what it’s like to step inside a dream – a vision that you helped create, and in one phone call, in an instant, it gets taken from you.

I have.

The first time in this industry that I felt like my heart got torn out was in March of 2010. I had just achieved the dream – a multiple six figure residual income, a live on the beach in Costa Rica – freedom, and growth all over the world.

I was earning …

How Microsoft Brainwashed Your Visitors & How To Use That...

Did you know that for the past 10 years
Microsoft and other big sofware companies
have been brainwashing your website
visitors to react in a certain way?

But that's actually great news - because
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my blog - What's Working Today

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How to magnetically sponsor new prospects

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my blog - What's Working Today

How to magnetically sponsor new prospects

Recommended Advertising Tools

Recommended Internet Business

The Best Nutritional Supplement I've found
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Rouge Marketing Video (just released)

I was just emailed a video by one of
my more 'rouge' marketing partners,
and after watching it - realizing my eyes
we're NOT playing tricks on me....

...I discovered a harsh realization...

Go here and see what I mean:

In a simple world full of complicated
people, this is the most 'user-friendly'
approach to building a thriving,
profitable business online.

Even if....

Your part-time...

You hate picking up the phone....

Or you've never made a dime online.

I'll admit.

It's kind of "weird" - it's kind of
"edgy" - and it's kind of "rouge"....

But it works.


And it's not the same 'guru' garbage
full of complicated non-sense we're
all used to seeing.

I'll have more for you tomorrow.

For now, check this out right now:…

[VIDEO] Win Big With Interactive Affiliate Marketing

If you haven't heard of Affiliate Cash
Snipers, you're going to love what I have
to tell you.

This brand new tool (I just heard about it
myself) lets you transform your affiliate
marketing into an interactive "shopping"
experience for visitors.

Let me explain what that means...

The new breakthrough software technology
these guys have created lets you put
interactive affiliate "shopping widgets"
on any web page you want.

You can put these Snipers on your own
sites, blogs, and even Facebook.

All of the big Internet retailers (like
Amazon) use this same kind of technology
to attract shoppers to their websites.

What this means is that you can have your
visitors tell you exactly what they want
to buy.

It's almost like being able to read their
minds and understand precisely what
affiliate product to offer them.

The best part is that it's extremely easy
to set up your own Snipers to target b…

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my blog - What's Working Today

How to magnetically sponsor new prospects

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Avoid the 97% failure rate of Internet Marketers!

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The most bully pulpit on earth -- your blog, and how to use it to make a difference.

I am Glen Brink and I believe this article may be the turning point for you or your friends on the path to success. It is that important! Dr Lant is a profitable blogger with his long experience as an author even before the Internet existed. I've been working in this business with him for over three years now and I can guarantee you his articles are interesting and thought provoking. Actually, that is a good definition of making a difference and of making progress in your life and in your business. Or, as I might put it -- Rule # 1 in blogging is to be yourself. Enjoy!
The most bully pulpit on earth -- your blog, and how to use it to make a difference.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author's program note. Have you ever felt that the problems of our muddled planet are too much for you... that you'd like your brief span on our bit of terra firma to matter... but can't imagine how to get started? In short, have you despaired... about your power, your abilities, your significance.…

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