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August 6, 2009 - Issue #2740  

Protect Yourself From the Flu...and the Vaccine

By Melanie Segala

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Today's Word to the Wise:

Pandemic (pan-DEM-ik) - from the Greek for "common" + "the people" - is a widespread epidemic, affecting an entire country, continent, or even the world..

Media chatter about the expected flu pandemic has been ramping up lately.

Could it be because of "Big Pharma"? Pharmaceutical giants like Baxter and Novartis are preparing for mass inoculations against H1N1 (swine) flu by this fall.

A while back, a batch of Baxter's seasonal flu vaccine was "accidentally" contaminated with the human form of the deadly avian flu virus. It was then distributed to 18 countries. This virus has a 60 percent kill rate. And if a lab in the Czech Republic hadn't discovered it, this "mistake" could have resulted in millions of deaths.

When I heard about the contamination, I made a decision to avoid getting a flu shot. I have also warned friends and family that a mild case of the flu ultimately may be safer than the long- term effects of the vaccine.

And now I have news to share that may protect you from the flu itself.

I recently read an article by John J. Cannell, MD. Dr. Cannell is a psychiatrist at Atascadero State Hospital in California. In 2005, an influenza A epidemic broke out in the hospital. One by one, each ward became infected. Patients came down with chills, fever, cough, and severe body aches.

Only one ward remained free of infection: Dr. Cannell's.

Why? His patients intermingled with patients from other wards. And they were not noticeably different in terms of age, health, or medical treatment.

The only difference? Dr. Cannell's patients had been receiving a daily dose of…

Discover the powerful - and surprising - secret to beating the flu right here.

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