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August 7, 2009 - Issue #2741  

I Hate Insurance!

Michael MastersonDear ETR Reader -

Most of it is overpriced and useless. And the brokers – they're about as useless as you can get.

Still the idea of protecting yourself from disaster is sound. And behind that idea is a more basic concept that every wealth builder should know well.

Charles Newcastle explains that important concept in today's Early to Rise.


Michael Masterson

The Most Powerful Asset Protection Tool in the World

By Charles Newcastle

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Today's Word to the Wise:


The wealthiest families in the world utilize a powerful legal tool to protect their assets. More important, it can be used by people who are in the process of building wealth. People like you.

The tool is called transference. In particular, "risk transference." Risk transference:

1. Identifies the risk of incurring a loss.

2. Measures the risk.

3. Assigns part of the risk (typically the riskiest part) to a third party.

When you buy a car, you insure it against loss due to an accident. In this case, you are transferring the risk to the insurance company.

When you incorporate a business, you transfer your liability to a separate entity. If, for example, you're a plumber, this means your personal assets would not be at risk if, say, you dropped a heavy pipe on someone and they filed a lawsuit or lien against you.

As a homeowner, you could transfer the risk of losing your home by placing it into a living trust. This gives you an additional level of protection - above and beyond your homeowner's insurance.

For example, if a neighbor were critically injured by a rock thrown by your lawnmower, they could sue you. And your personal assets could be at risk. But if your property were in a living trust...

Find out exactly how you can protect yourself – and your wealth – from risk here.

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