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The Most IMPORTANT email I've sent in 3 years - OPEN NOW -

Glen, This is IMPORTANT. Last night at midnight, Facebook pulled the plug on their networks, and searching features that made it simple for anyone to meet new people. This feature was one of the reasons Facebook exploded from 125 million people last year to over 250 million people today.  It was one of the reasons they became the most visited web-site on the planet.  It was one of the reasons that I began to recommend Facebook as a source of leads and high quality prospects. While there are still many ways to network and meet new people on Facebook, they've scuttled my favorite and easiest way. And hey, I like easy things. But no worries.  They don't call me the Father of Social Networking and the Master of Internet Prospecting for nothing.  Thousands of my students and friends have been feeding me information, suggestions, alternatives and solutions.  And I've come up with a few no one has thought of. I feel sorry for the other Facebook Guru's and Masters.  No one…

Magic List Bot is Live....Go Go Go! (Big bonus)

Hi [firstname],

Magic List Bot softwarehas just launched!

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1. Magic List Bot - Push a few buttons and legally
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3. Magic Twitter List Builder - build thousands of Twitter followers
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OPEN THIS NOW: If you can ACT FAST, you can be FIRST and RICH too!

Untitled DocumentGlen, If you can ACT FAST, you can be FIRST and RICH too! In going through the emails of thanks, testimonials and success stories from all of my students over the last two years, I found that they all had ONE THING IN COMMON. They had ALL participated in one of my Boot Camps. You can participate in my upcoming Boot Camp where over the next 3 weeks where we'll work together to INSURE your success if you ACT FAST!  You can be part of the FIRST Boot Camp Group to work with my newest training material. Gena participated in a Boot Camp and her business grew by 109 people from May to August.  In 48 hours we'll learn what her numbers are for September. Howard participated in a Boot Camp and now he's on his way to earning $40,000 a month over the next few months in his first year as a network marketer. After participating in a Boot Camp, John signed up 64 people in 45 days. ************Your Challenge***************      Where do you find the right people?      How do yo…

Your Daily Motivation

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YOUR IMAGINATION CAN FORETELL YOUR FUTURE   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

See things as you would have them be instead of as they are.
Visualize your goals and your subconscious will go to work
toward making your mental pictures come true.

You have been given the capacity and the power to create
desirable pictures inside your mind and to find them
automatically printed in the outer world of your environment.

Picture yourself as winning,
and that alone will contribute
immeasurably to your success.

What you see in your mind you can really have.© Copyright 2008
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RE: MD Lists

The package below is valued at over $2000 when purchased individuallyCurrent Doctors in America 788,747 in total * 17,418 emailsDoctors in many different specialtiesOver a dozen sortable fields
Contact List of US Pharma Companies
47,000 personal emails and names of decision makersAmerican Hospital Listing
Full data for all the major positions in more than 7k facilitiesExtensive Database of Dentists in the USA
Virtually every dentist in the USA with full contact detailsUS Chiropractor Database
100k Chiropractors offices with full contact data including email, postal address, phone and fax
Reduced to only:
$396 for all above dataemail to: Olga@extremeaccuratelist.netexpires on this week
to stop this email in future email us at

it's the button, not the pusher....xoxox SOS

 Sign up for school here, if you are not part of SOUL yet"In every moment there are people and events immediately within sight, a call, or a touch that are your access to experiencing the joy you seek.  You can either live out of habit.....or remember that life has already delivered what you need. Simply slow down enough to see it."  J. Hough
Hey you.   Today we were out for a bike ride and saw the most beautiful apple orchard.  The trees had more red than green.  Now we could have done an ├Ąppreciation 'drive-by', or we could stop and smell the macintoshes.  We stopped.....there's more.....SOUL Whispers -So there was Nancy.....the co-owner of the orchard.  Nancy and her husband were close friends of Frank....a special man that used to live with his lovely wife Pat in the house we were blessed to find....he was also the farming mentor to Nancy's hubby.  She told us the history and how apples are picked....and she fully took in our appreciation (Joe and my) of t…

This 'knowledge is power' on the Internet

Untitled DocumentGlen, 'Knowledge is power.'
Sir Francis Bacon first coined that phrase in 1597. If you meet someone or call someone from a leads list
and try to sell your products to them without knowing
enough about them, you will fail most of the time.
You're familiar with the sales cliche: you have to go
through 100 No's to get a 'Yes.' But hey, that's prospecting isn't it, Glen? Nope! That WAS prospecting and the system I've perfected
makes prospecting OBSOLETE because you're not prospecting
when you know exactly where the GOLD is. There's real power in knowing all about a person before you talk to them. You'll know the right things to say, and when to say them. The amount of personal information available to you about a person you can contact on a social network will astound you. This information is free when you know where to find it.
Knowledge about someone you're goin…

OPEN NOW To Claim Your Boot Camp Seat and Private Coaching Session With Me

Glen, If you act fast, you can claim a seat in my new Boot Camp at a discounted price and have a 30 minute one on one private session with me. The Flu Bug hit me last Friday and I was unable to conduct my Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp on Saturday.  To compensate everyone that registered for any inconvenience, I'm giving them a 30 minute private coaching session with me. ( a $250 value ) I've rescheduled Boot Camp to begin on October 3rd and have opened it up to another 25 people.  The FIRST 10 People that register will also receive a private 30 minute coaching session with me. So Register NOW! Over a dozen new changes and upgrades have taken place on
Facebook and MySpace in the last 4 weeks that make adding one new person to your business in less than an hour easier than ever before.

During the 3 weeks of Boot Camp, you and I will work together
to insure your fast success,

All of the Boot Camp details you need are posted on my website with a Special Boot Camp Offer t…

Your Daily Motivation

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Knowledge controls access to opportunity and advancement.
There is no knowledge that is not power.
Power is the byproduct of understanding.

Educate yourself and you build the power to accomplish your goals.
Power gravitates to the one that knows how to do something.

As a general rule, the most successful people in life are the one's
with the best information.
People with power are people who know how to get things done.
Knowing how to do something is virtually the same as having done it.

In the land of the blind, the one eye'd man is king.© Copyright 2008
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1 Time Special - Get Started Offer - Endless Free Leads for $79

Glen, This TYPO can save you money and help you get rich. It seems that my bout with the flu over the weekend effected my typing too.  So when a good friend of mine asked me if I would run a Special $99 Promotion over the weekend for my Endless Free Leads 2.0 video course, which normally sells for $198 and I agreed. Only instead of typing $99, I typed $79.  Now my word is my bond, so I'm going to honor this mistake until midnight tonight.  And to be fair to you and everyone else on my list, I'm extending the offer to you.  That's a 74% discount. As the pre-eminent trainer of Internet prospecting,
it's my deepest wish to impart my prospecting wisdom to you. My goal is to have everyone learn from me so the struggle
to succeed in this business can finally come to an end.
There's really no reason for struggle, stress and strain
of any kind when this information is right here for you. So if it seems…

This is one person you want to report for Spamming.

**This email only applies to anyone on my mailing list prior to December 15, 2008. Dear Glen, Someone named Justin Case has stolen an OLD copy of one my mailing lists dating back to December 15, 2008. On Friday he sent out a mailing piece to this list promoting another Internet Guru named Robert Grant.  Rest assured that he ONLY has a list of first names and email addresses.  He has no customer information of any kind. In the email Justin makes the typical outrageous income claims floating around the net and asks for your 'wish list' about what you'd like to know about social networking before you receive their invitation to a special webinar.  He also alludes to the fact that he and Robert know something's about Facebook that I don't. What amazes me, and what everyone should question, is why these two Internet experts with all their experience and income claims, had to resort to using one of my OLD Lists to secure business. Please check your mail records for …