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Prepare for the Pension Wars

Prepare for the Pension Wars

There are many creative ways to use My New Mlm.
One way would be as a standby in case pensions disappear.

Below you can read an article about the state of play with pensions.

America's pension time bomb

By Geoffrey Colvin, FORTUNE senior editor-at-large

January 13, 2006

Commentary: Workers, employers, taxpayers, governments.

Meet the key players in the coming battle.


Some of the nastiest conflicts in America’s future have recently begun to reveal themselves. Let's call them, broadly, the pension wars.

They will be fought on a wide range of battlefields, involving not just workers and their employers but also governments at all levels, regulators, accountants and taxpayers. And these wars will be bitter -- because the combatants will be desperate.

A hint of what's to come could be seen in the New York City transit strike. Most of America didn't notice exactly what sparked the first such strike in 25 years, costing businesses, indivi…

Attention is …

Attention is …
Attention is the substance of focus.
It registers your interests by indicating a choice for certain things and against other things. Any time you pay attention to something (and any time you ignore something), data is created. That data has value, but only if it is gathered, measured, and analyzed.
Right now, you generally lack the ability to capture that data for yourself, so you can't benefit from it. But what if you could? And what if you could share your data with other people, who were also capturing their own data -- or if you could exchange your data for something of value with companies and other institutions that were interested in learning more about the things that interested you? You'd be in control-- you would decide who has access to what data, as well as what you'd accept in exchange for access to your data.
Our attention data is ours, each of us individually. In the wake of the behavior of credit card companies, credit unions and data brokers, it…