THIS is a fast moving train... get onboard!

Hi Glen,
It's Max Steingart – and I just have a minute here!
Listen Glen – my final Facebook Prospecting Mastery Boot Camp
began on Saturday.  The 1st session was recorded so even though
you didn't register and attend, you can still take advantage of the
discount being offered,
As of this morning, there is just one seat left.
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247. That's a 65% Discount.
Now, if the last spot is sold or not… it doesn't really matter to me.
After all, by the time you take into account the huge discount I am giving
to you, the cost of delivering the training to you in real-time video, and
the 36 hours that I will spend presenting all this information and answering
all of your questions- I'm practically giving away this boot camp.
And, that's not taking into account the countless hours of preparing,
nor all the behind the scenes work.
Regardless if this last spot is grabbed up or not - money is not the
What bothers me Glen… is the opportunity that you are missing by not
Right now, when you hear of Facebook  … you're just thinking about a
But to the participants that signed up for of my Facebook Boot Camp,
when they graduate… and think of this same website – they
will be thinking PROFITS!
The difference is… those who attend this "Facebook Boot Camp"
training event will discover the secrets that will allow them to harness
the power of the world's most popular website… and generate leads,
prospects, and cash… on demand!
And those who don't, will miss out on one of the fastest growing
opportunities in marketing history.
Stated differently, this is a fast moving train - one that you can't
afford to miss Glen.
During this final boot camp you will discover all of the latest
tactics, techniques, and strategies I have personally developed to cash
in on over a QUARTER BILLION prospects!
That's 250,000,000 fresh prospects… just look at all those zeros!
More importantly, you will discover it all in precision detail…
everything you need to know to become a master of social networking… and
see it all demonstrated in real-time, for example:
- How to create compelling and alluring profiles to
  attract prospects like crazy!
- The deadly mistakes that networkers make… and how
  you will avoid them!
- How to filter Millions of prospects to extract the
  "perfect" prospect… in 30 seconds or less!
- The secret of engaging ideal prospects into profitable conversations…
  using the perfect words, and phrases with perfect timing!
- 30 Hours of extra 'Ask Max' time so you can get your questions
  answered and your profiles reviewed.
- And, more!
Plus, you will have complete access to the 24/7 "Facebook Boot Camp"
archive… so you can always catch up on anything you miss… or just review
for mastery!
Glen, can you see why I would be concerned if YOU miss this event?
So why wait… grab this spot… you deserve it.
Just click on the link below… you'll save 65% instantly and guarantee
the last spot is yours:
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247. That's a 65% Discount.
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. If you'd like me to coach you personally, go to:  and I'll put you
        in this Boot Camp for free.

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