Glen, I want to contribute $100 to your success...

Hi Glen,
If someone gave you the keys to the inside of a gold mine, handed you
all the tools, and told you exactly where to dig to find the biggest gold
nuggets, what would you do?
OK, now what if you saw a long line of people who were just coming out
of the mine, wearing those helmets with the flashlight attached, and they
were bringing out as much gold as they could carry, I mean piles of the
What would you do then?

Would you take the keys Glen?
Glen, I'm the person with the keys to the gold mine, and Gena is just
one of many who just came out of the mine.  Using the tools I gave her in
one of my Boot Camps, she's added 48 people to her business in the last
3 months.
Gena's not Wonder Woman Glen, she's someone just like you.
But now she's making serious money in her business on a regular basis,
that's fantastic! Isn't it?
This is something that should make anyone seriously involved in network
marketing jump out of their skin.

There's room for you in my next Boot Camp because I haven't really started
to promote it yet.  But you must act immediately if you want to participate
at a price that will be $100 higher as soon as the site can be changed.
The person responsible for changing the price has been incapacitated and
he's the only one with the web-site code to raise it.
Call it a Sign from God, Call it your Lucky Day.
Call it what you will.  Or you can also consider it to be my $100 contribution
to your success.
There's gold in them thar hills Glen, and I have the key to the biggest mine,
a map to the gold, all the tools you need and someone who just came out
rich. Want the key?
and take my $100 before the site changes and you've lost it forever.
Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Don't forget this Special Deal and Pre-Announcement Price
       is ONLY GOOD until my web guy can change it  When you get
       to the site below, it's it hasn't been're in the money.
P.P.S. If you'd like me to personally coach you.
        Go To :
        and I'll put you in this FaceBook Boot Camp for free

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