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Social Bookmarking for Traffic

Social Bookmarking for Traffic

by Mark Daoust

A while back I wrote an article commenting on Yahoo's public declaration that
they were effectively
conceding to Google in the search market. The point of the article was that Yahoo was not
necessarily giving
up as a business, but rather focusing its efforts on more modern forms of search.
And what are these more modern forms of search? In a word, social networks which includes social bookmarking
and variants on social

What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the flagships of Web 2.0. The basic
concept behind social
that when thousands of people get together, bookmark their favorite
pages, and
apply descriptive tags to each page that they bookmark, certain
websites will
rise to the top as being more popular. The result of this is that
surfers will
be able to see what websites are currently popular among users.

idea of social
seems to have been originated by
back in 2003. Just by visiting t…