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Listing of business owners for the United States

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How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source

How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source Than Most Big Spenders Blow-Through In Their Paid Accounts!Best of all, this is targeted traffic, the kind that turns into S-A-L-E-S! Better get a piece of yours before this Wild West rail moves on for good
From: Glen Brink and John "Ritz" Ritskowitz
Re: I Don't Want Just More Twitter Followers. I Want MORESALES!
Dear Fellow Online Marketer,A lot of folks will try to sell you on getting more followers with Twitter.More followers, they say, equals a bigger list.But does it really?See, I have a different approach. I don't care about the number of followers I have. I care about the targeted traffic I receive from Twitter.Targeted traffic = sales, and I have the stats to prove it.Put another way: A few hundred followers who are passionate about my niche are light years better than hundreds of thousands who could care less.I could probably get thousands of Britney Spears' followe…

Are you watching by the sidelines as the A-list bloggers make all the money?

From the Desk of Glen Brink
RE: Becoming a Millionaire Blogger
Dear Blogger, Are you struggling to make a decent living online? If you are, what you're about to read on this page will forever shatter your pre-conceived notions about what it really takes to make money from your blog. MYTH #1 - Advertising is A Great Way To Make Money The brutal fact is, unless you can somehow get millions of pageviews and a few hundred thousand visitors a month, no one will even think about spending advertising dollars on your blog! MYTH #2 - Write Good Content and The Money Will Come The truth is, no matter how well you write you'll never make money online unless (I'll get to that in a while)..Myth #3 - Get Massive Traffic and You'll Make Lots of MoneyIf you get traffic you will eventually make some money on the Internet. But the fact is, 95% of people who read your blog today will never come back. That literally mean you're just making a meager 5% of what …

Read The Cut-Throat Moneymaking Manual That Myspace Tried To Ban

Finally someone reveals online moneymaking techniques that get you into profit fromdayone...The Techniques & Strategies I Reveal In This Guide Are So Effective That Myspace Tried To Ban Me From Revealing Them To The Public!

From: "The Space-Invader"

Dear online marketer...yspace marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money on the whole internet. If you didn't already know that, you're about to get a crash course...Myspace can easily supply you with all the traffic you need for just about any niche. You have heard of Myspace right? Everyone has. It's huge. There are hundreds of millions of members, and more joining each day. Most people have no idea how easy it is to make a ton of money from though.
The Perfect Solution For A Struggling Newbie Marketer
Before I knew it I was making regular commissions and affiliate sales...I got my first ever commission check through the mail due to Myspace.

You see, the marketing guides, every single one that I…

What the Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto is going to do for YOU!

Discover How To Tap Into One Of The Most Powerful Viral Traffic Machines Online And Make More Money Than You Ever Imagined Using Twitter Marketing Secrets To Ethically Get Free Targeted Traffic On Auto-Pilot!My Simple Results Producing Methods and Proven System Will Make You More Money Generate Swarms of Pre-Qualified Targeted Twitter Traffic To YOUR Site And Give You The Power To Quickly Get Thousands Of Followers Right Here Right Now!
Dear Visitor,

Are you trying to master the finer aspects of several social networking sites that take too much time, too much experience and too much ridiculous trial and error?

There is a solution to all these irritating questions that all of us as Internet marketers have to deal with every single day whether we like it or not.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know that just about everyone involved in the Internet marketing community and the Warrior Forum have been talking about how they are involved with using Twitter in some way…

Yahoo 2.0 Traffic Will Help You Use One Of The Fastest Growing Sites On The Web To Make More Money!

Want To Make Tons Of Cash?
"Yahoo 2.0 Traffic" Will Help You Use One Of The Fastest Growing Sites On The Web To Make More Money!Would You Like To Make Insane Amounts Of Money? Have you always wondered how other people manage to be so successful on the web?

Have you been looking for a way to get your piece of the action and make lots of money, too?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then hang on because you're about to be blown away. You're about to learn the secrets and proven techniques for making money online.

It doesn't happen in an instant - but if you're willing to use these secrets and put in some effort the cash will quickly start flooding in!

Glen Brink

Dear Friend,

Why are you at this page? Chances are you want to make money online and want to figure out the best way to do that. Maybe you've been looking for guidebooks and handbooks on exactly how to do this, but everything so far seem too good to be true.

You CAN find out the truth wi…

Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business To GREATER Heights

"Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business To GREATER Heights As Practiced By TOP Networkers From Around The World!"If You Have Not Been Achieving The Kind Of Success You Desired In Your Network Marketing Journey Up Until Now, Then This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!From: Glen Brink Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer,Why do so many network marketers today fail at playing in their own turf?There's a good reason for that: the vast majority of people who attempt network marketing are so blindly driven towards earning money that they forget to consider the human element. Incidentally, it is the only thing that really matters in building a successful network marketing business.In f…

Testimonials Generator: Social Proof & Self Branding At The Push Of A Button

Are You Getting Overwhelmed with Tons of Testimonial or Review Requests? Want to Give a Great Testimonial But Aren't Sure What to Say? If so Then You've Got to See This!...
From The Desk Of: Glen Brink
Check this out... There comes a point in every internet marketer's career where he gets besieged by testimonial-seekers and review-requesters wanting to capitalize on his good name. But really, who can blame them? You've worked hard to not only make money online, but become someone that people look up to and trust. Adding your testimonial to a product gives it much more value, and you know that. You also know that there are dozens of truly great and innovative products out there. You wish you had time to review and recommend them all, but it simply isn't possible. It's a well-known psychological fact - people will go out of their way to avoid looking stupid. That includes making what might become a "stupid" purchase. W…

Brand-New Master Resell 25-Issue Internet Marketing Newsletter Is Yours...

Brand-New Master Resell 25-Issue
Internet Marketing Newsletter Lets You Easily
Reach Your Customers and Subscribers With
Fresh Material That Will Guide Them Through
The Basics of Online Marketing
Dear marketing friend, Who has the time to write dozens of emails and organize them into a newsletter which will build a healthy relationship with their subscribers and customers ? The simple fact is most marketers don't have the time to do what it takes to make sure that their readers are provided with a steady stream of quality, content-filled material, the kind of material that keeps them looking for your newsletter in their mailbox...I’ll be going over many topics with you in this newsletter. First, about establishing your own website (recommended). We’ll take a look at how to make a blog and make money from it. How to get involved with “affiliate marketing”. How to sell what is called Master Resale Rights products. How to make a product of…

How A Simple 3 Step Process Boosted My Clickbank Gravity Overnight And Brought The Super Affiliates Running To Promote My Product

Finally, someone reveals how to guarantee your success as a Clickbank product vendor...“How A Simple 3 Step Process Boosted My Clickbank Gravity Overnight And Brought The Super Affiliates Running To Promote My Product”

If Your Clickbank Products Don’t Have Thousands Of High Powered Professional Affiliates Promoting Them, You’re About To Find Out How To Make That HappenFrom The Desk Of: Glen Brink

Dear online business owner,

Can you imagine what skyrocketing Clickbank gravity would do for your business? Imagine the impact that hundreds and thousands of super effective affiliates would have on your business?

Think of the traffic – thousands of super focused targeted visitors every single day…who doesn’t want that?

Not to mention the sales – 10, 20, 40, even 50 sales a day is totally possible when you have floods of affiliates promoting your sites.

To put it bluntly, with affiliates like this in your business, you can basically forget it. No marketing, no traffic creation. Noth…