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August 25, 2009 - Issue #2753  

Blinding Flash of the Obvious

Dear ETR Reader,

The most important secrets are usually the simplest ones. Sometimes, they are blocked from your view.

When you are having trouble and can't find a solution, ask someone you trust, "What am I missing here?"

Oftentimes, your key people will not tell you what's wrong because they are afraid to. They are afraid either because you will bite their heads off or because the problems are related to them.


The problem with the business is that you have lost touch with the marketing. The old optimum selling strategy no longer works. But you don't believe it because it has always worked in the past. You insist that the problems lie elsewhere. Nobody is willing to tell you otherwise.

In today's issue:

  • Wealthy: Are You Part of the Solution?
  • Healthy: The Best After Hours Snack
  • Wise: What Facebook, Jeopardy!, and Smokey the Bear Have in Common
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Our Country's Only Hope

I've told you before that I mostly got out of stock investing last year -- before the market crashed.

I might look a bit closer into re-entering the market some time this year. But my primary investments will remain small businesses and real estate.

It will be entrepreneurs like me -- true wealth creators who give people jobs and pay taxes -- who will drive economic recovery. Government accounting tricks won't work.

If you don't yet have your own business, now is the best time you will ever have to start one. Why? Because the Internet provides a growing market, and new businesses are bolstered in growing markets.

The advantage of Internet marketing won't last long. Every month, hundreds -- no, thousands -- of companies are joining the game. Ninety-five percent of them won't succeed because they don't understand what makes Internet marketing work. But you do -- or you can learn -- by reading ETR, investing in one of our Internet marketing programs, and, most of all, by attending our annual Bootcamp this November.

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Better Than the Dog That Bit You

Next time you wake up with a crushing hangover, don't reach for aspirin. Eat asparagus instead!

That comes from a study in the Journal of Food Science. The researchers showed that extracts from asparagus alleviated hangover. They also protected liver cells from the toxic assault of alcohol.

In fact, the asparagus reduced damage to cells by a whopping 70 percent. It also helped two key enzymes metabolize alcohol twice as fast.

"To get the best from asparagus,"Total Health Breakthroughs Editor Melanie Segala tells me, "you should eat the stalks and leaves."

I've got asparagus in my refrigerator right now. And a friend's birthday party coming up this weekend. Hmmm ...

"If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, we're about to make a hell of a lot of money!"
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"It was a nudge into looking at life in a fresh way."

"I recently read Michael Masterson's article on golfing with his son. The message became very important because it was a nudge into looking at life in a fresh way. It is really amazing how routine we are. I keep a notebook now. Every day, I pluck out some incident to write about. It's great. Thanks for the nudge Michael."

Judith Pazmino
Covington, KY


A Sixth-Grade Dropout's Secret to Coming Up With Great Ideas
By John Wood

It was 1898.

James Webb Young dropped out of school and started working for a book publisher. He was 12 years old.

By the time he turned 22, he was advertising manager. In 1912, he joined the prestigious advertising agency J. Walter Thompson. And he quickly became known as an "idea man."

In 1917, Young became vice president of the agency. In 1919, he wrote one of his most famous ads. It was for the deodorant Odorono, and ran in the Ladies' Home Journal. At the time, women found any mention of underarm odor to be in bad taste. Cleverly avoiding the word "armpit," his headline grabbed attention with "Within the Curve of a Woman's Arm." But then readers were hit with this: "Persons troubled with perspiration odor seldom can detect it themselves." Outraged, more than 200 women canceled their subscriptions to the magazine. Despite the controversy, sales of Odorono went up 112 percent.

Young believed the secret to coming up with great ideas was to use a method similar to the one Henry Ford used to produce cars. And in 1940 -- at the height of his career as an advertising legend -- he laid out his five-step method in a small book titled A Technique for Producing Ideas. Read on…


Today's Words That Work: Mull Over

To mull over -- possibly from the Middle English for "to crumble" -- is to carefully consider.

Example (as used by John Wood today): "[Merv] Griffin was mulling over game show ideas when his wife noted that there had been no successful 'question and answer' shows since the quiz show scandals."

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