Come here, I want to show you something and give you a big discount.

Hi Glen,
I want to show you something.
Check this out, I'm creating a profile on Facebook.
See where I'm clicking?  See what I'm typing in the profile to attract
the precise people you're looking for?
OK, now it's time to see who's on today.  Oh, look!  Here's someone
who would be perfect for your business! See her there?
Look, here's another ideal prospect.  See him there? 
This is going to be a turkey shoot!
All I have to do is go in there, pick out the one that looks like the most
fun to talk to, and start up a conversation.  Watch, I'll show you...
I'll even give you the scripts to use to have everyone you contact virtually
beg you to know more about your business.
What you've just read is an example of the power of my Facebook
Prospecting Mastery Boot Camp.
You will be able to see everything I do and hear my comments.  I'll show you
how to filter out and avoid the people with sexual agendas.
I'll point out the tell-tale signs of all the people online you'd be wasting your
time with.
As a bonus, I'll even direct you to all the discouraged network marketers that
are no longer active in their business and would be open to hearing about
You can even prospect online yourself as you watch me!
This class is so simple yet so powerful you'll be picking your jaw up off the
floor on a regular basis.
You'll be itching to get online and do it yourself, and once you do it and
start adding people into your business you'll just say "WOW".
Here's a few comments I received from people that watched the very
first session.
     "After what I saw you do on Saturday, I
     wish everyone in my group had signed
     up for Boot Camp.  Is there still time
     for others to participate?  Six members
     of my team want to participate."
     "Boot Camp was just what I needed.  What
     I saw you do from my computer has me more
     excited about my business than ever before.
     I now have the confidence to know that I can
     do this.  Thanks for all that you do."   
     "Hello Max, just a note to say what you
     did today in Boot Camp is just great.
     How exciting it's going to be. I caught
     some great points today. I'll be sending
     you conversations."
     "After watching the afternoon session of
     Facebook Prospecting Mastery Boot Camp
     I did a search in the member directory like you
     demonstrated, found someone with a terrific
     profile and ended up talking on the phone
     with them.  They are excited about my
     business and expect to sign up with me
     next week.  Max, you are the best trainer
     I've ever worked with in this business.
You see, these students were able to get immediate results.
And ALL because they could WATCH ME and duplicate what they saw!
Since Gena finished my Boot Camp, she signed up 48 new team
members in the last 90 days.  11 in May.  12 in July.  And 25 in
Imagine where you'll be by Thanksgiving if the same thing happened
to you.
Believe me...IT CAN!
You'd be NUTS not to take full advantage of this RIGHT NOW,
I can help you do exactly the same thing, and I don't want to
let money be an issue to anyone on my list.
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS),
click on Apply, and you'll save $247.
Or, take the 2 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS2),
click on Apply, and you'll still save.
During 6 exciting Boot Camp sessions you can discover "How To Use
Facebook To Close 1 or More Sales Each and Every Day in Less Than
an Hour!"
This is a BRAND NEW LIVE Training Series with material I haven't shared
with anyone else before that will give you the 10 Steps to Facebook Mastery
and won't be repeated.
During 6 LIVE Sessions you will learn:
     The 1 simple strategy you can start using after session 1
      to effortlessly attract new distributors and customers to
      How to attract the highest quality people who are actually
      ready to BUY from YOU.
     How to have a profile that compels new prospects AND
     seasoned network marketers to connect with you and want
     to do business with you.
     The best-kept Top Income Earner Secret you can learn to
     IMMEDIATELY sign up more distributors even if you've NEVER
     made money before in your business.
     The 10 Simple Questions that Qualify every prospect and
     Eliminates rejection.
     The #1 thing you can do on Facebook to have as much business as you want
     and how you can do it daily.
     Exactly which recently added tools on Facebook you can USE IMMEDIATELY
     to generate instant interest in you and your business.
     How to communicate with your Facebook friends and guarantee they will read 100%
     of your messages every time.
And so much more.  You can learn all about it by visiting: facebookbootcamp
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247.
Because you're on my mailing list, you can participate at a much lower
price than others have paid.

Don't be left out. Register NOW.
Gena's success can be your success.  What would your business be like
if you added 48 new people to your business by November?  What kind of
Thanksgiving would you have?

Let me show you how to duplicate her success on Facebook and have
something to celebrate during the holidays.
Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Don't forget this Special ENCORE Boot Camp will FILL UP FAST. facebookbootcamp
P.P.S. If you'd like me to personally coach you.
        Go To :
        and I'll put you in this Facebook Boot Camp for free

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