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August 26, 2009 - Issue #2754  

This Is Going To Be Hard for You to Hear ...

Dear ETR Reader --

What's going on with the economy? Why can't we get this recession past us?

The answer is simple if you know the basics:

  • We are an economy that is 70 percent driven by consumer spending.
  • To get the economy going again, spending must increase.
  • But Americans are reluctant to spend.
  • And banks are reluctant to lend.
  • And even if banks did lend and people did spend, it would just get us all deeper into debt.

Is there any way out of this?

Yes, and it's very simple. We can't spend our way out of indebtedness. We can only work our way out.

You won't hear this from our politicians. And you won't hear it from media pundits either. It is politically incorrect to suggest that people have to work harder.

"We already work hard," they say. "You can't ask us to do more."

But doing more work is the only way out. We have to work harder and make more money. And then we have to save some of that money and spend some too.

I made this point in Automatic Wealth. I said that most wealth-building books are flawed because they never say the truest thing: that the only way to get rich is to save a lot of money, and the only way to save a lot of money is to make more -- much more than you are making now.

If our politicians really wanted to fix the economy, they would do everything they could to increase entrepreneurship in the U.S. Entrepreneurship, more than anything else, is responsible for the creation of jobs and wealth.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban says that the most patriotic thing you can do is start a business in America and become extremely rich. I agree. Starting a business is the best way to boost your income, increase your savings, accelerate your spending, and help America work its way out of this recession.

In today's issue:

  • Wealthy: Laid Off? Do This!
  • Healthy: Poison in Your Mouth
  • Wise: MaryEllen Talks Baby Weight and Internet Marketing

* * *

Before we get to your wealth, health, and happiness, a word about our new format: As you have no doubt noticed, we are changing things up a bit. And some of you like the changes and some of you don't.

We continue to read every note you send us and make adjustments as we go. We are also doing split tests to determine whether certain changes result in greater or less reader response.

Our goal is a newsletter format that is easy to read and yet delivers a higher level of quality advice. This process will take another week or so to complete, but you can expect to be 100 percent satisfied when we are finished. This we promise you.

90% of the Billionaire's Living in America Weren't Born Rich - They became rich because they had the "Billionaire Mindset." This is the observation of Bob Cox, a gifted success mentor who had the rare privilege of working with four of the richest men in the world. If you want to learn how billionaires really think just listen to Bob. Read on…

"Forced" to Start a Business

This is no time to start a new business, the "experts" say.

But a recent New York Times article indicates that many are ignoring that advice. (Thanks to Don Hauptman for this tip.) The Kauffman Foundation's latest numbers show more businesses started in 2008 than 2007. Driving that trend are the unemployed.

"You have the time. Why not focus your energy on something, rather than just trolling Craigslist and sitting and watching TV?" Lisa Marie Grillos says.

Grillos has been selling handcrafted bike bags online since she was laid off in January. She says business is getting better.

Good for her. And good for every other unemployed person who is starting an Internet-based business. They are easy to start. They are cheap to fund. And they have unlimited potential.

And history proves that tough economic times can be good times to start businesses. Fact: More than half the companies in the Fortune 500 were founded during recessions. These include FedEx and Microsoft. Same goes for the small-business-focused Inc. Magazine 500.

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Has the FDA Been Bribed by the Mercury Merchants?

The FDA recently declared that the mercury in dental fillings is not harmful. Not even for children and pregnant women.

That's not true, according to Melanie Segala, Editor of Total Health Breakthroughs. She says mercury is dangerous -- even a small amount. If you have lots of fillings, the danger is greater.

Mercury can cause brain damage. It can also retard development. You can ingest a good deal of mercury, experts say, by eating fish. That's why doctors recommend limiting fish intake to once or twice a week.

But mercury in the teeth? Is that really a threat? The FDA says no. Its position is based on a "comprehensive review of scientific studies." But Melanie Segala doesn't trust the FDA's conclusion. "Many of those studies were industry-funded," she told me. "If you look at the independent studies, the facts are clear."

Before You Risk Money Testing Your Marketing Plan in the Market… - Come to our Info-Marketing Bootcamp in November and our crackerjack marketing experts will tell you what we think of your plans. We will help you fly right through the "trial and error" phase of starting a business so you can leave confidently knowing your plan is based on proven, money-making techniques we've used ourselves. Read on…

"Thanks for continuing to inspire me!"

"I have been out of work for almost a year. I have no financial assets anymore, and I am 63 years old. But I work out every day, climb a mountain every weekend, and I have not given up looking for a job. Sure, lots of people would say a 63-year-old guy is not going to find a good job again. I say they are morons!

"Over the course of the last year, I have learned so much more about business (Ready, Fire, Aim) and Internet marketing in particular that I just know it will pay off eventually.

"Thanks for continuing to inspire me!"

Bill M.


How a Big-Thighed Mama Can Help You Accelerate Your Business
By MaryEllen Tribby

I love to get up early and go to the gym.

The outcome of my entire day is determined by that very first hour. When it goes well (and it almost always does), I have more energy all day long. I'm more productive. And, frankly, I am a lot more pleasant to be around.

All due to my simple morning workout.

Monday through Friday, I'm waiting for the gym doors to open at 4:55 a.m. And I am not alone. I wait outside with my fellow "regulars." We exchange pleasantries and chat about major news items. But when the doors open at 5:00 a.m., we can be mid-sentence and the conversation stops. We all focus on our fitness goals.

At least that's how it goes 99 out of 100 times. But once in a while, "stuff happens." Read on…


Today's Words That Work: Inane

Inane (ih-NANE) -- from the Latin for "empty" -- means foolish or pointless; lacking sense or meaning.

Example (as used by MaryEllen Tribby today): "When I saw Liz approaching that morning, I assumed I was in for some inane small talk. But it turned out she is a smart, well spoken, and interesting person who has added something to my life."


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