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They're calling him the Clickbank whistle blower.

Have you heard this whistle blower?


I believe this video is being removed today,
so make sure you go and watch it now.

Let's just say, it's FULL of surprises:


But it WILL help YOU!

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Glen Brink

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PS No time to delay, see the whistle blower
expose some shocking facts right here:


Article Review -- Don?t ask for an apology. Offer one instead. A lesson in forgiveness.

This article is important for all of us!

In every event you must learn to forgive

both yourself and others!

Don’t ask for an apology. Offer one instead. A lesson in forgiveness.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

You can easily imagine Professor Anita Hill’s bafflement
when she played back the messages on her answering
machine the other day. That’s when she heard this gem purportedly
left by Mrs. Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court
Associate Justice Clarence Thomas:

“Good morning, Anita Hill, it’s Ginny Thomas,” said
the voice. “I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and
the years and ask you to consider something. I would love
you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation
of why you did what you did with my husband. So give it some
thought and certainly pray about this and come to understand
why you did what you did. OK, have a good day.”

Unsurprisingly, Hill thought it was a crank call, a prank. As
such she alerted the Brandeis University campus the matter.
But Virginia Thomas …

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my blog - Sharing Profit Strategies

How to magnetically sponsor new prospects

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Article Review - Hot news for part-timers

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Jeffrey Lant Article Review: Why I shall NEVER retire! A Declaration of Independence

I have seen both sides of the question here. I love my work and will never retire to the sofa. My mother retired 30 active years ago after working 40 years to earn it. And she is one of the healthiest seniors I know because she maintains an active life with multiple generations of her family, with her personal hobbies and her volunteering work for different organizations.

When do you plan to retire? Your answer may predict how fulfilling and prosperous your life will be in your golden years. So much is now available on the internet, it's easy to find somethng you would like to do to maintain your interest in life, or even start a new one.

There are countless examples of going out in style. Winston Churchill rising yet again to power in Great Britain, George Burns entertaining yet another sold out audience, Malcolm Forbes taking flight in his hot air balloon, or more recently Betty White taking one for the team in that celebrated Snickers commercial, these people know how to keep …

How To "BRAND" yourself on Facebook

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Smart Tips For Your Personal And Business Success Today..........

Can you stand up to a challenge? Can you listen to self criticism from a stranger?
I can and I have. This kind of seeing the truth and dealing with it has allowed me to make millions and lose them all and make them all over again.

This is a pretty rare breed indeed. But it is a trademark of most any highly successful person. Read this article and test your mettle:
See what can be learned by an open mind.

Your lousy communication skills are hurting yourself and others. Here's what you need to do at once.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

It's time to call a spade a spade. We are members of the most communications savvy and personally wired generation ever. Even the tiniest mite has her cell phone with camera. Yet the truth is, the explosion of communications tools has produced less real communication than ever; you and your poor communications skills are one of the culprits.

Listenup! After all, it's time your communication skills improved to the level of your communications tools. The qual…

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Flag this message Happy Thanksgiving ... a new insight

I received this from a friend of mine and it gave a sweet new meaning to Thanksgiving...

Six years ago I was in Kyrgyzstan as a visiting professor and heard this story from a friend of mine, the President of the American University of Central Asia. It was Thanksgiving Day, and as he arrived at his office that morning, he was greeted by one of the instructors who thanked him for all the work he did for the university. Making his way to his office, he was stopped again by a member of the maintenance department who thanked him also for his hard work. His secretary had a beautiful Kyrgyz greeting card waiting for him at his desk, thanking him for his support of university staff and faculty, including upgrading salaries in this very poor country, once a part of the former Soviet Union. And before he was able to sit down at his desk, yet another thank you from the head of the kitchen staff. Perplexed by all this gratitude, he thought perhaps he was unaware of a local holiday and asked his se…
Holiday my ThanksGiving dinner video

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my blog - Sharing Profit Strategies

How to magnetically sponsor new prospects

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Holiday History of Veterans Day:

Jeffrey Lant Article Review: An open letter to President Obama. We electors of these United States have spoken. Here?s what we said?. and what you must do.

The first election of 2012 has just concluded as the 2010 mid-term elections will have dramatic impact on all State and Federal elections in 2012. No doubt many post scripts have and will be written today dissecting every possible aspect of the will of the people and the meaning thereof. I think their motivations have been made clear and the political landscape has been changed forever.

What lessons will be gleaned by President Obama is another matter, but more importantly will he act as his moment to govern with full control of both the House and Senate has passed. Democratic control of the Senate remains by the thinnest margin and the leadership in the House has changed in favor of the Republicans. It would appear that the mood of the country is less about partisan loyalty and more about finding someone who might fix this economy.

If you are an entrepreneur take note, what happens in Washington over the next two years will have direct impact on your business and your quality of life,…

You Won't Get This Anywhere Else - Instant Money Pages

This guy isn't much of a fan of gurus or Google,
Yahoo or MSN. It's fair to say he REALLY despises


Why exactly has he got an axe to grind?

Well the simple answer....he's been burned.

First, he was burned by his employers. Lost
his job twice in the recession.

Then he started online and got burned by the
gurus. Burned by get rich quick
schemes, rehashed affiliate tactics, Google
guides, ClickBank guides and PPV systems.

I should feel sorry for him. But I'm not.

In fact I'm jealous of him.

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Amazing news! Now you can be notified EVERY time you have a website visitor and explode your sales.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

If you have a website, you're losing money EVERY

Consider this situation.

You spend time and money setting up a terrific website.

You work hard to get traffic to that website.

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Whippee. You're bound to make money from all these
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The sad fact is you don't make a dime from most of
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They come.

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