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60,000 Subscribers + $300K = This Done-For-You Traffic Business

I have used Traffic Exchanges to build lists for years but could
never offer setting them up as a service due to the amount of
setup time and support. Finally, I've found a company that does
this as a service.

It's worth a look...

Are you searching for the "right" Internet business but skeptical
or losing hope because...

- You keep spending but never make any money
- You've tried so-called "easy" methods and got no results
- You feel like you're on the outside looking in

Well, you're not alone--a huge number of marketers are in the SAME
situation. And it's NOT your fault...

The simple truth is, while many marketers are great at marketing,
they are NOT good at teaching...and that comes across in their

It's not that their products don't work, it's just that they unknowingly
leave huge chunks of info or knowledge out so it's impossible for anyone
else to make them work.

It's Like Trying to Build a House with 3 Walls...

But what if y…

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Yours In Success,
Glen Brink

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How To Make 5 Figures On CB Your First Month


I'm not going to waste your time or insult
your intelligence with petty hype and lame


By now, you've seen the famous Michael Jones
video about how he went from scratch with new
techniques and made $64k on CB in a month, right?

At this point, I think every marketer with an
internet connection has seen it.

So you know that it's true. You've seen the
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And here comes your chance...

Michael's just released The Affiliate Code...
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It doesn't sound real, I know, but hey,
the internet is changing. The same old
techniques aren't going to work f…

Get in now - get a 10 million mailing free...

I have just partnered with the Supreme Elite Team... Some of the biggest names on the net. Mike G is one of them and he sent me this letter to send to you.-Glen Brink
-----------------------------------------------------Do you know what businesses thrive in a down turning
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every month and YOU can just ride on my…

FREE viral list building website!

You know the secret to internet marketing is having a huge list, right...?

Well, I want to GIVE you a website that will get THOUSANDS of other people to build your list for you around the clock - FOR FREE!

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Thanks again
Glen Brink

P.S. - I've never seen a listbuilding tool this viral before. I still can't believe he isn't charging anything for it.


How Michael Jones Made $64,521 In 4 Weeks With No List...

Actually, I've not been quite honest
with you there...

Let me explain.

He does have a list – lots of lists,
for different businesses.

But when he started testing these latest
techniques, he did it from scratch.

No list, no budget, no JV partners...

Just him and a computer... probably exactly
how it is for you right?

And he went from earning nothing at all, to
sucking down over two thousand bucks a
day, in no time at all.

Wanna know how he did it?

Well it's all explained here. Read every word:


Now, I have something to reveal to you right
now, so listen up:

Usually when you see a marketer making so
much money, it's coming from Adwords, or
some other paid traffic.

So if they're making $2k a day, only say
$750 - $1000 will be actual profit. Obviously
there are exceptions, but on average those
figures are pretty accurate...

But not in this case.

The new techniques he's revealing to you
inside The Affiliate Code are free...

... I mean, you…

[TRAFFIC SOFTWARE] Over 100,921 opt-ins thanks to this software!

What if there was a way for you to scoop up
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My marketing friends just so happen to tap
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And frankly, I'm jumping into this HEAD


What's really cool is that the software
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And it doesn't cost you even one penny
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Now you have this same power in your hands.



Think about all the methods that you use to
drive traffic to your website.

How much time do you spend? Really think
about this for …

NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 2-5-2010

National Center for Policy AnalysisDaily Policy DigestFriday, February 5, 2010There are more than 500,000 subscribers that receive the Daily Policy Digest. Help us hit 1 million by Forwarding to a Friend. Yes, I want to support Daily Policy Digest
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State and Local IssuesTHE NEW JERSEY EXITAt one time in the not-too-distant past, New Jersey was by some measures the wealthiest state in the country, however, wealth is now fleeing at an alarming rate, say observers...BOSTON COLLEGE CENTER ON WEALTH AND PHILANTHROPY/INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILYHealth IssuesWHAT COSTS $282 MILLION AN HOUR?Government health programs are a growing burden on the federal budget, which is running annual deficits of more than $1 trillion, and rising health costs continue to batter private industry, say federal actuaries...WALL STREET JOURNALHealth IssuesWHAT HAPPENS IF NOTHING HAPPENS TO HEALTH CARE?Without some big change, health care will amount to 19.3 percent of gross domestic product by 2…

Health Care Update - LET THE WAVES BEGIN!

Dear Policy Patriots -Straight from the Donkey's Mouth. Notwithstanding a rash of bipartisan rhetoric, leading Democrats remain committed to a thoroughly partisan approach to health care that is unpopular with 58% of Americans. Consider the following:Late last week, Speaker Pelosi made clear her continuing commitment to passing comprehensive, government-run health care legislation, stating that despite opposition, "We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn't work, we will parachute in."On Sunday, notwithstanding polling to the contrary, White House senior advisor David Axelrod asserted that the American people want health care reform, saying, "They want us to act. They would like us to work together to do it." In fact, the budget President Obama just sent to Congress assumes health reform will pass.During the State of the Union address, President Obama call…

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Best Regards,

Glen Brink

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my New MLM
> ht…

NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 2-3-2010

National Center for Policy AnalysisDaily Policy DigestWednesday, February 3, 2010There are more than 500,000 subscribers that receive the Daily Policy Digest. Help us hit 1 million by Forwarding to a Friend. Yes, I want to support Daily Policy Digest
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Environment IssuesOLD AND NEW ENVIRONMENTAL MYTHSNine of the 10 concerns that preoccupied Greens two decades ago have become irrelevant in a mere two decades, say observers...OPPOSING VOICES/NATIONAL CENTER FOR POLICY ANALYSISEconomic IssuesLARGEST-EVER FEDERAL PAYROLL TO HIT 2.15 MILLIONUnder the Obama Administration, the number of government employees will grow to 2.15 million this year...WASHINGTON TIMESTaxesOBAMA GIVETH AND OBAMA TAKETH AWAYIf the Obama Administration wants to restart the economic engine of small business, layering on new taxes is the wrong approach, says Josh Barro, a Senior Fellow with the Manhattan Institute...REAL CLEAR MARKETSTaxesMAYOR DALEY HAS HIS EYE ON JOBS FROM HIGH-TAX OREGONThere is at…

Re: doctor data

==394.00==US Medical Database � Updated Records 2009 (reg$999)
Complete Physician Database 788,800 doctors available for direct mail
Physician Email 48,500 (17,441Unique) Physician Fax Database 202,466
First name* Last name* Title* Specialty* Address (city, state, zip, county)*Medical School
Attended* Residency Training* Phone/Fax * Email* Website* Primary Specialty* Secondary Specialty*
====Get These Below with order Above ====

1= 7145 Hospitals*23,000 Administrators.
2= Licensed Clinic/Dentist 597,959.
3= US Pharmaceutical Company 47,000 employees.
4= Chiropractors*108,421.
5= Acupuncture Database 23,988 records.
6= Alternative Medicine Clinics and Practitioners Database
There are 1,141,602 total records. send and email to: Maria@easylistbuy.netFor your subscription status modification please contact

They're Not Quitting, Neither Should You!

Dear Policy Patriot:Let's Finish the Fight! Representative John Salazar from your state of Colorado will be a key Democratic vote as Speaker Pelosi decides whether to move forward on government run health care. Please send a letter today asking your Representative to vote against any legislation that cuts Medicare Advantage, raises taxes, creates new federal bureaucracies, or otherwise increases government involvement in health care. If you don't live in Representative Salazar's district, please forward this note to any of your family or friends who do, and ask them to write a letter as well.You have supported efforts in the past to sign the "Free Our Health Care Now" petition. You have expressed your views to Congress. You have made your voice heard. Now is the time to make sure all your work pays off by telling Representative Salazar to oppose any plan to revive health reform legislation.Thanks you for your continued support of the NCPA.Jeanette Nordstrom

I have a list of 150k criminal attorneys in the USA

You can reach me at my other email address for details:
To invoke no further correspondence status please send an email to

NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 2-2-2010

National Center for Policy AnalysisDaily Policy DigestTuesday, February 2, 2010There are more than 500,000 subscribers that receive the Daily Policy Digest. Help us hit 1 million by Forwarding to a Friend. Yes, I want to support Daily Policy Digest
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Health IssuesCAN'T AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE? CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVESWalk-in clinics, often located in big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target and staffed by nurse practitioners, are becoming more popular thanks to their convenient locations and no-appointment-necessary policy, according to Devon Herrick, a senior fellow for the National Center for Policy Analysis...FOXBUSINESS.COMSocial IssuesTHEORY-BASED ABSTINENCE-ONLY PROGRAMS WORKAbstinence-only interventions may have an important role in delaying sexual activity until a time later in life when the adolescent is more prepared to handle the consequences of sex, say researchers...ARCHIVES OF PEDIATRICS & ADOLESCENT MEDICINE/UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL OF …

NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 2-1-2010

National Center for Policy AnalysisDaily Policy DigestMonday, February 1, 2010There are more than 500,000 subscribers that receive the Daily Policy Digest. Help us hit 1 million by Forwarding to a Friend. Yes, I want to support Daily Policy Digest
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Social Security IssuesWE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO SAVE SOCIAL SECURITYThere are several things we can do to save Social Security, says author David Walker, President and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and former comptroller general of the United States...RANDOM HOUSEFederal Spending & Budget IssuesTOO BIG TO FAIL? DON'T COUNT ON IT, SAYS DAVID WALKERWe need a fiscal commission that recommends budget controls, reforms in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, our tax system and various other changes, says David Walker, author of "Comeback America"...DALLAS MORNING NEWSEconomic Issues IF JOBS ARE JOB ONE: FIRST, DO NO HARMIf President Obama really wants to spur job creation, he must start making p…