These Professionals Are Being Driven To Your Business By The Economy

Hi Glen,
Thousands of businesses are backs to the wall, ground under the heel
of our troubled economy - real estate, mortgage brokers, insurance, retail
sales professionals, car salesmen... the list is endless.

And yet... in the midst of this adversity... is YOUR opportunity, Glen!

Because these businesses are bursting with professional people with
families to support, bills to pay and dreams they want to achieve, who
are anxious, and frustrated, disillusioned with working hard and still not
bringing in the money their skills deserve!

They have bags of experience in sales and commission-only work, and
they've got what it takes to work well with others.

Now... just stop and think for a minute, Glen... aren't these the exact
same kinds of people who'd be perfect to recruit into your business?

I bet it didn't take you a New York Minute to answer that one with a
resounding "YES!", did it?

The questions you'll now be asking are: "How do I find them?"... and..
"What do I say to capture their attention?"

And, how do I do all this... FAST?

This is your lucky day because I've decided to extend the pre-launch
price of my "Facebook Prospecting Mastery Boot Camp".
Register now and you will be taught my expanded system where you'll
learn how to add someone new to your business every day in less than
an hour.

Watch this brief 6 minute video to learn how it will help you: 

This Boot Camp contains the last word in online prospecting.
It's beyond "cutting edge"!

In the 6 power-packed LIVE sessions, you'll discover all the insider
knowledge, all the tricks, hidden secrets of how to find professional people
disenchanted with their business but still hungry for success... and then
how to effortlessly and confidently recruit them into your business...

And here's the BEST PART.....You can get started TODAY!

Hundreds of thousands of people have succeeded using my system. 
You can too.  And once you have, you can truly go anywhere, do
anything, be anyone you want to be. 

You have just 3 days before Boot Camp begins but you can start
today, so you have a choice to make about how you want to spend
that time.

You can spend it living in the status quo, hoping for the best, OR you
can spend it learning the ropes from me, step by step, so you can make
the rest of 2009 the best time of your life.

No more buying leads, no more expensive advertising, no more rejection
and no more prospecting. Because when you know exactly:
1. how to tap into an endless supply of free prospects on
    FaceBook and MySpace.
2. how to attract the best professional prospects to you,
3. how to close them,
.......then all the barriers to your success are GONE.. 

It's up to you Glen.

It's quite simply an easy and effortless way for you to EXPLODE your
business and you can begin TODAY.

And if you're truly determined to succeed -- and I mean REALLY
determined to see it through and live the dream you've promised yourself
AND your family -- you belong in my best Boot Camp ever. 
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247.

Start TODAY and recruit someone TONIGHT. My system is so easy and
so foolproof, you put it to work IMMEDIATELY, right after you come off
the first Boot Camp session:

"Max, I made my Boot Camp investment back the first
week with 9 new customers. Other members of my team
want to take your next one. Thanks for everything.

~~ P. Michael Dallas, TX

"Thanks Max I already signed up 5 people in to my
business after attending the first day of Boot Camp"

~~ Sue

"Max, I have an MLM business, but I have also been
able to meet folk's needs with my full time business.
I just got another contract just using your scripts
that should yield another $5,000 per month for two
years.  ($120,000) Yippeeeeeeee   I got this one while
my grandson was napping on my lap."

~~ Jill

"Max, I have added 49 new people to my business in the
past 60 days for starters.  Your system has turned my
business around 180 degrees."

~~ John   

You might think it's impossible for dreams to come true... but it's not.
My students are living their dreams every day.

Why not you, Glen?

Register NOW and take advantage of these special savings while they
are still available.

I've put together a "Stimulus Package" to SAVE you money
and ENCOURAGE you to participate: 

Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247.
It just that easy.  You'll be able to lock in your extra discount AND
secure your spot in just seconds.

That's the BEST DEAL I've ever offered and the 6 minute video at the
beginning of this email makes the clearest case for you to jump on it.

Don't Delay.  Register Now!!

Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking 
P.S.  If you'd like me to coach you personally, go to:  and I'll put you
in this Boot Camp for free.

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