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The "Forex Edge" Turns College
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Joe grew up in East St. Louis, and began working in a restaurant after dropping out of school at 15.

Joe spent the next couple years clearing tables, scraping dirty plates, and taking grief from his boss.

But Joe's life changed the day he learned the "Forex Edge"... the very currency secret I'm going to share with you today...

Although a bit skeptical at first, Joe gave currency trading a try, and using a public library computer, he executed his first winning trade... netting $350 in about 15 minutes.

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Thanks to the "Forex Edge," not only does Joe Sullivan now own the bar he worked in (renamed Joe's Place!)...

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In addition, he owns beach villas in the Bahamas and Miami... and travels between the two on his private $100 million yacht.

To top it off, Joe maintains an expansive estate in Argentina... where he is known as El Rico... the rich one.

I know this sounds like a fantasy... a one-in-a-million shot.

But here's the thing: The FOREX market is a money-making realm like no other... a virtual breeding ground for newly minted millionaires.

In fact, FOREX has become the "last frontier" of the investment world... and the ONLY PLACE where an individual investor can start with a small stake... and quickly amass a seven-figure fortune.

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An Ocean of Money

The foreign currency marketplace (FOREX) is utterly enormous. It is a vast international network of traders bound to one another by computer screens and telephone links.

FOREX is open 24 hours per day... five days per week... and trades an astounding $3.2 trillion per day as money moves around the world... changing from EUROS to DOLLARS to YEN to FRANCS... on and on.

$3.2 Trillion per Day!

According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the Forex currency market trades roughly $3.2 trillion per day, making it the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Bank of International Settlements

Think about that... $3.2 trillion per day. That's 33 times the size of the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ... combined!

And here's the important thing to understand:

Because of its sheer size, liquidity, and speed... even tiny fluctuations in the currency markets can result in staggering profits.

Let me repeat that, because it is very important:

The FOREX market is so big -- and so liquid -- even tiny, almost imperceptible moves can result in million-dollar profits, literally overnight.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Back in 1991, George Soros made $1 billion in ONE WEEK trading the British pound.

Now, that sounds incredible, doesn't it? An amazing amount of money to make in a single day.

But here's the thing: 1 billion dollars is a mere .03% of the DAILY FOREX VOLUME.

That's LESS THAN one-tenth of one percent. It's nothing... a drop in the bucket!

Yet most people assume for Soros to make his billion-dollar fortune, the market had to move in big leaps and bounds. But it didn't. His fortune was created on a tiny move!

Compare that kind of movement with the stocks you own. Would a .03% uptick in the price of your shares make you a millionaire?

Ignoring the currency market means letting money sit on the table. It's a big mistake. The truth is, the FOREX market is so vast that it's easy for staggering sums of money to get lost in the cracks... only to be picked up by savvy individuals who understand how the game is played.


"Small Investors Flock
to Forex Trading Amid
Financial Crisis"

Reuters reports that individual investors are fleeing the stock market and are flocking to the Forex currency market because of its massive size and tremendous liquidity.

Source: Reuters Newswire, June 2009

Listen: Big firms like Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and J.P. Morgan don't waste their time with "small trades." They could care less about losing $1 million here and there.

These guys trade TRILLIONS per year. They count their profits in tens of billions... staggering amounts.

And while the big boys throw around TRILLIONS... it is very simple for individual investors (little guys like you and me) to use the "Forex Edge" to slice off the "loose change" which could easily add up to millions of dollars.

Point is, making $1,000 per day... $25,000 per month... or even $1 million per year in the FOREX market is not only possible, it's very realistic.

Just ask Bruce Kovner...

How the "Forex Edge" Turned a Down-and-Out
Cab Driver Into a FOREX Millionaire!

Bruce grew up in the San Fernando Valley... and dreamed of becoming a college professor. But Bruce's quest for a college degree was stymied when he caught a bad case of "writer's block."

Instead of collecting a diploma... Bruce found himself driving a cab to pay the rent.

But things took a turn for the better when Bruce discovered the "Forex Edge."

Bruce borrowed $3,000 against his MasterCard... and using the "Forex Edge," amassed a $20 million currency fortune within five years.

Now here's the thing. Up until recently, it was nearly impossible for small time investors like Bruce to access the currency markets to make fortunes for themselves.

"Forex Is the
'Last Frontier' for Individual Investors"

"The Forex market is the 'last frontier' for individual investors. In fact, it's one of the few places an individual investor can start with a small amount... and amass a fortune. Anyone who ignores the Forex currency markets could miss out on a fortune..."

- Justice Litle, Author,
The Trader's Chronicle

In fact, FOREX was the private domain of banks, governments, hedge funds, and very wealthy individuals like George Soros.

Not anymore...

Today, you can get started in the FOREX market with as little as $500... and still expect the same MONSTER RETURNS that the big institutional traders command.

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and the "Forex Edge"... the secret formula I'm going to tell you about in this letter. Put the three together, and you've got a formula for wealth most people only dream about.

Like Tom Bennett...

Tom Made $3.7 Million in a Single Year

Tom is a 59-year-old warehouse manager. After the financial markets put a serious damper on his retirement plans, Tom went looking for an alternative to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

What he found was the "Forex Edge"... and used this powerful currency secret to amass a stunning $3.7 million windfall in a single year!

You could do the same...

In fact, if you are among the first to respond to this invitation, you will get one full year of this revolutionary new research service, Currency Profits Trader, absolutely free of charge.

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But that's not all. If you follow exactly the steps outlined in the Currency Profits Trader, you could become the next FOREX millionaire. In fact our mission is to help create 125 new currency millionaires in the next 12 months.

I realize this seems like an incredible goal...

But remember, Currency Profits Trader is built on the powerful "Forex Edge"... the very currency trading secret for turning countless people into currency millionaires.

People like:

  • Eric Rose of Riverside, California, who made an extra $217,822 in just 18 weeks using the "Forex Edge."

  • Bruce Ryan of Toronto, Canada, who used the "Forex Edge" to squeeze out an extra $192,112 in profits in just four months.

  • Eli Thomas of Hot Springs, Arkansas, who made a handsome sum of $234,530... in just 20 weeks... using the "Forex Edge."

  • Arthur Dunn of Harrisonburg, Virginia, who racked up $184,982 in about three months using the "Forex Edge."

  • Carson Tate of Jacksonville, Florida, who pulled in $207,493 in just three months using the "Forex Edge."

The "Forex Edge"
Ordinary People Capturing Extraordinary Wealth!

Our new service, Currency Profits Trader, is the only research service I know based on the powerful "Forex Edge." Take a look at some ordinary people who used the "Forex Edge" to amass big money in just three months!

Michael Downy of Newark, Delaware, made $143,659.

Andrew Talley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, made $215,322.

Pete McConnell of Morgantown, West Virginia, made $194,205.

George Miller of Pikesville, Maryland, made $175,547.

Brian Lassman of Fresno, California, made $192,112.

Philip Bair of Butte, Montana, made $203,640.

Jason Karp of Baltimore, Maryland, made $188,312.

Daphne Berliner of Burlington, Vermont, made $209,787.

Winston Gordon of Jacksonville, Florida, made $165,400.

David Rochelle of Albany, New York, made $178,432.

Ed Singleton of Scottsdale, Arizona, made $234,530.

Kirk Robinski of Denver, Colorado, made $184,234.

Eli Thomas of Hot Springs, Arkansas, made $234,530.

Alan Chelik of Honolulu, Hawaii, made $157,964.

Carson Tate of Jacksonville, Florida, made $207,493.

Adam Burns of Oakland, California, made $201,432.

Arthur Dunn of Harrisonburg, Virginia, made $184,982.

Allison Gregg of Charlotte, North Carolina, made $195,542.

Eric Rose of Riverside, California, made $217,822.

Nicolas Darmon of Dallas, Texas, made $174,234.

Bruce Ryan of Toronto, Canada, made $192,112.

As you can see, when you hold the power of the "Forex Edge" in your hands, amassing a fortune is not only possible, it is highly likely. Read this entire letter for details on how to put the power of our new research service Currency Profits Trader, in your hands... free for one full year.

Here's the thing. By taking advantage of the opportunity outlined in this letter, you'll have a chance to make the kind of money these people did... even achieve "currency millionaire" status... perhaps in the next 12 months.

When you hold the power of the "Forex Edge" in your hands... you will be the master of your financial destiny.

Government reports of recession and economic woes will no longer matter... money worries will vanish from your life... replaced by the total and complete freedom currency traders enjoy.

You will know, deep inside, that starting with just a few hundred dollars... you could amass a trading fortune quickly... from anywhere in the world.

Now, you may be wondering, if the "Forex Edge" is so powerful, WHY haven't more people made a fortune in the currency markets?

The answer is very simple...

It's a Zero-Sum Game!

The "Forex Edge" is very hard to come by. It is a secret closely guarded by a small cabal of the world's most successful currency traders.

These folks are very reluctant to reveal much about the edge... and rarely share it with people outside their inner circle.

And there's a good reason why they're so tight-lipped.

Currency trading is a zero-sum game. That means, for every winner, there is a loser. When you pocket $5,000, there is someone on the other side of the trade who loses $5,000.

Consequently, currency insiders are hesitant to share their most powerful trading weapons... particularly the "Forex Edge" with outsiders.

Why? Because when you know how to use the "Forex Edge"... your chances of becoming a currency millionaire increase dramatically. That means you could put an already established currency trader on the losing side of a trade. Instead, you'll be on the winning side, pocketing an extra $5,000 here and there.

Believe me, that's the last thing these insiders want to see happen. It's why you've never heard of the "Forex Edge" and why they would never share it with you.

But fortunately, we've found a currency expert who not only knows the "Forex Edge" but is willing to show you how to use it to create your own fortune.

You see, I spent the last 3 ½ years scouring the globe to find a currency expert who has personally used the "Forex Edge" to execute thousands of currency trades... a trader who has quietly amassed a "private fortune" of his own... a trader who has 25 years of experience in the currency markets.

Bottom line: He is absolutely committed to helping us create 125 new currency millionaires in the next 12 months.

I'll tell you more about our new currency expert in a moment, but for now... I need to make something very clear...

First Come, First Served

Normally, a new service, such as the Currency Profits Trader, would carry a hefty price tag of $5,000 per year. And I can tell you people would not hesitate to pay that kind of money.

"Don't Get Left Behind"

According to international investment expert Christian DeHaemer... currency trading gives individual investors the opportunity to make millions, regardless of how risky the stock market gets.

"Any individual investor who wants to prosper in these uncertain times needs to harness the profit power of the FOREX markets," explains DeHaemer. "To miss out on the fortune-producing power of the currency markets would be a big mistake."

Read on now to find out how to get a full year of Currency Profits Trader... absolutely free.

After all, with odds in your favor of becoming a currency millionaire in 12 months, you have to admit, $5,000 is a drop in the bucket to learn the secrets of the "Forex Edge."

But if you agree to let us show you how to become a currency millionaire by teaching you the secrets of the "Forex Edge," I'm willing to give you a full year of Currency Profits Trader... absolutely free.

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Is that fair? Probably not...

But listen: Not everyone gets to own a beach villa in the Bahamas... not everyone gets to commandeer a $100 million yacht... and not everyone gets to be a Currency Profits Trader... absolutely free.

On the other hand, the folks who move fast will be rewarded with a life-changing experience of epic proportions...

It's Your Turn...

As a member of Currency Profits Trader, you'll join a small cadre of folks who want to elevate their personal wealth -- and trading skills -- to a higher level.

I can tell you from firsthand experience, there is nothing like the surge of adrenaline you will feel the first time you step into a trade and watch as your account grows $500... $1,000... even $2,500 right before your eyes in a matter of minutes.

Currency Profits Trader is the only currency service I know of that is based on the secret "Forex Edge"... the powerful formula responsible for turning ordinary folks into currency millionaires.

For Your Portfolio"

"FOREX offers unprecedented opportunity for individual investors. You really need to have at least a small portion of your portfolio in the foreign currency market."

- Michael Robinson, Pulitzer-prize nominee and award-winning
financial journalist and author

In addition, it's the only currency trading research service I know that is designed for beginners... but gives you the same high-level profit potential that veteran traders command.

As a Currency Profits Trader, we will provide you with an ongoing flow of simple specific trades you can execute for potential gains of $2,500 per week... $45,000 per month... even $1 million per year.

In addition, we'll provide you with expert guidance and training so you can become a Master Currency Trader in your own right.

In fact, as an exclusive member of Currency Profits Trader, you'll learn exactly how to use the "Forex Edge"... and how to turn this powerful formula into your own personal cash machine.

We'll walk you through the entire currency trading process... show you how to start with a small initial investment, identify "home-run" opportunities, minimize risk, and seize winners for potentially life-altering gains.

As a Currency Profit Trader, you'll enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people... a network of global currency traders with whom to bounce ideas... exchange strategies... and share stories of your latest profit adventures!

You'll develop a keen intuition and razor-sharp instincts that allow you to land a potential 575% profit every time the U.S. dollar moves a single penny in either direction.

The world will literally roll at your feet... your confidence level will soar... because you know you can flip on your computer and pocket serious money with a simple click of a button.

The great part is, currency trading is a valuable skill you can learn now... and use the rest of your life.

Even if you were in a retirement home or confined to a hospital bed, all you'd need do is muster up 15 minutes to maintain a potential six-figure (or even seven-figure) income.

Imagine telling your friends how you made $10,000 off the euro... $15,000 off the British Pound... and $21,5000 off the New Zealand kiwi... all in the same month!

Imagine raking in $125,000... $250,000... even $1 million per year as a part-time currency trader. Think about what that kind of money would pay for. College tuition... a comfortable retirement... months of travel and leisure... a vacation home or speed boat.

Think you can make that kind of money from the stock market?

The truth is the Dow would have to climb 500% for you to have any chance of getting back the money you lost since the markets crashed.

The currency market is just about the only market that allows individual investors to walk away with huge fortunes. I've already shown you how much money Bruce Kovner and Joseph Sullivan made. And remember, they started with a small amount of money.

That's why I hope you will join us today. There is a whole new world of opportunity waiting for you. It is a life like no other... and it is yours for the taking.

But you must move fast... remember over 450,000 Early To Rise readers will be reading this letter and many of them will respond immediately. I hope you are one of those people. In fact, I hope you'll become one of our 125 currency millionaires.

In the following pages, I'll tell you all about Currency Profits Trader.

I'll outline all the exceptional perks and benefits. Plus, I'll tell you how to secure a full year of Currency Profits Trader... free.

In addition, I'll reveal the principles behind the "Forex Edge." I'll show you how it works... why it works... and how it could make you very wealthy, very soon.

I'll also introduce you to our Currency Master, a 25-year veteran trader. I can tell you right now, this guy is fascinating (not only does he hold two U.S. patents... but he is also considered one of the top currency traders in the world).

When you hear his story, you'll understand immediately why he is a near sure-fire bet to make you very wealthy, very soon.

I'll give you more details in a moment. But first, please allow me to introduce myself...

We Could Have Put $701,550 in
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My name is Sandy Franks. I'm the Executive Publisher of Taipan Publishing Group, a financial publishing firm based in Baltimore, Maryland, since 1989.

For the last 25 years, we've provided our readers with exceptional research. That's why our list of followers has grown to over 225,000... with more people jumping on every day.

Hopefully, you've followed our recommendations, because folks who've listened to our team of experts have made a mint.

For example, by putting $15,000 into just a handful of our recommendations since 2006 alone, you could have made as much as...

  • $78,600 on Shanda Interactive
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  • $57,450 on Generex
  • $36,900 on Ipix
  • $54,300 on Evergreen Solar
  • $45,300 on Aastrom Biosciences
  • $45,900 on Soco International
  • $39,900 on Summit Resources
  • $52,500 on Visa
  • $38,250 on DG Fastchannel
  • $30,900 on Concur Technologies
  • $44,100 on Federal Express
  • $45,900 on DG Fastchannel
  • $36,300 on ROH
  • $35,250 on Field Point Petroleum Corp

Just the above 15 trades could have netted you a possible $701,550 in pure profit... and that's only the tip of the iceberg. These are just a few of our winners from the last couple years.

We've been around 25 years and have a list of winners a mile long. In fact, one of our services has generated 400 winning plays in the last seven years alone!

Of course, we don't get every play right. And maybe you wouldn't have been able to put $15,000 into all of the above trades. And maybe you wouldn't have stayed in the trade for maximum profits. But even if you followed our advice on just a handful of these plays, you could be extremely rich.

Bottom line: By keeping our losses small and letting our winners run, we have shown our readers BIG MONEY.

But I want to put the above gains aside for a moment... and tell you about our new research service, Currency Profits Trader. It is unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced.

It combines the specific trading recommendations of a research advisory service... with the guidance of a 25-year currency trading expert... along with the camaraderie, adventure and networking opportunities of a private club.

In short, not only will we give you a flood of trading recommendations that will likely make you rich... but we'll also reveal the secrets behind our strategy... and show you how to become a Master Currency Trader in your own right.

As I mentioned, our goal is to create 125 new currency millionaires together...

Ambitious? Yes... But let me show you why I'm so confident we can meet this objective...

This System Yields Incredible Gains

As I mentioned, Taipan Publishing Group has been publishing financial information since 1989.

We haven't lasted for 25 years by chasing fly-by-night trends. Instead, we've taken a conservative, disciplined, meticulous approach, and shown our readers the safest and most sure-fire ways to play emerging opportunities.

That's exactly how we've approached the foreign currency (FOREX) markets...

When FOREX started gaining popularity a few years back, we determined that every investor -- beginners and veterans alike -- needed access to the currency markets.

Foreign currency trading is simply too lucrative to be ignored, and folks who miss out on currency trading are going to be left behind.

But instead of slapping something together quickly... we committed ourselves to developing a top-shelf currency trading program.

We've spent the last 3 ½ years conducting extensive research on various currency trading programs.

I can tell you right now, there are a lot of currency/FOREX systems out there.

Problem is, when you dig beneath the surface, nearly every single one of these systems is based on "institutional trading."

In other words, they are geared for big firms like Goldman Sachs... Deutsche Bank or J.P. Morgan.

Quite frankly, these programs are too risky, too time-intensive, and just too complicated for individual investors.

The result?

Folks who try them typically burn out quickly... give up out of frustration... or lose large sums of money in a very short period of time.

Our goal was to create a simple, easy-to-follow, low-risk program that required a minimal amount of time but yielded incredible results.

At the same time, we wanted a program that was designed specifically for individual investors... a program that would allow ordinary folks to start with a small initial investment... and still have the potential to become a currency millionaire.

In order to create a program like this, we needed someone who had "walked the walk." Someone who had proven his ability to make money in the currency markets.

Not once or twice... but year after year after year...

Most important, we wanted someone who could show our readers how to use the secret "Forex Edge" to turn tiny currency fluctuations into big profits of $1,000 per day... $25,000 per month... even $1 million per year.

As you can imagine, there are probably only a handful of people on the planet that met our criteria.

We dispatched our staff to places like Morocco, Vietnam, Singapore, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, Denmark, France, Albania, Russia, Vancouver, Germany, London and Australia.

After tens of thousands of miles of travel... exhaustive research... and extensive interviews... we finally found our answer.

In fact, I'm proud to announce that we have signed an exclusive contract with perhaps the single most talented and astute currency trader on the planet.

Let me introduce you to him now... and show you why he could be your first-class ticket to a currency fortune.

Your Inside Edge

As I mentioned, the key to making a fortune in the currency markets lies in a little-known secret known as the "Forex Edge."

Nearly every great currency fortune ever made is a result of the "Forex Edge." At the same time, its ABSENCE is tied to great loss and frustration in the currency markets.

Bottom line: The "Forex Edge" is the profit key that separates the winners from the losers... the rich from the washouts.

Given the number of fortunes it has spawned, you would think everyone would know about the "Forex Edge."

But the truth is, very few people outside of professional trading circles even have a clue about this powerful formula.

That's because the formula is not something currency traders like to share. Sure, you get bits and pieces here and there.

But it's hard to find someone who will actually reveal the entire formula.

And it's even harder to find someone who has personally used the Razor to make money... and is willing to help you use the "Forex Edge" to make money trading the markets.

That's why I'm so pleased to introduce you to the person who is going to help you become one of our currency millionaires... the brainchild behind Currency Profits Trader, Harinder Singh.

If his name doesn't ring a bell, don't worry. Although Harinder is regarded by many as one of the top currency traders on the planet, he shuns the spotlight. He is one of the most humble people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Instead of making the rounds on the TV circuit bragging about how talented he is, Harinder prefers to spend his time analyzing the currency markets...

With over 25 years trading experience, I can tell you right now, Harinder's skill-set is unrivaled, and people who follow his advice will find themselves with a DOMINANT and HIGHLY LUCRATIVE ADVANTAGE in the currency markets.

Let me show you why...

He Holds Two U.S. Patents

There are three main reasons why I knew Harinder was the perfect person to lead Currency Profits Trader.

First, Harinder grew up in India and moved to the United States in 1974. He was educated at some of India's most prestigious schools. He has traveled the world extensively and maintains high-level trading contacts on five continents.

His background, life-experiences, and expansive trading network give him a global perspective unavailable to most U.S.-born traders. He has a razor-sharp sense for how geopolitical and economic events impact the currency markets.

Consequently, he is able to recognize opportunities long before most traders even have a clue.

Second, Harinder has an uncanny level of skill when it comes to complex market analysis.

He has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering (with honors) and has completed M.B.A. courses in Financial Management and Strategic Planning.

In addition to trading currencies, Harinder was a sought-after engineering consultant for the health industry for nearly 30 years.

In fact, Harinder is so adept when it comes to complex analysis that he has built a career developing and designing intricate medical equipment (such as important surgical-devices, sterilizers, and hospital operating room equipment).

His analytical prowess is so extraordinary, in fact, that he holds two U.S. patents...

The first patent, U.S. Patent #4,307,818 [awarded by the U.S. Patent Trademark Office, December 1981] is for a battlefield technology used by the U.S. Army.

The second patent, U.S. Patent #5,431,181 [awarded by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, July 11, 1995] is for an "auto-flush" technology, used in restaurants and hotels all over the world!

Bottom line: Harinder's engineering and analytical skills, along with his experience in experimental testing... give him a highly-disciplined approach to trading... and make him nearly unbeatable in the currency markets.

That brings us to the third, and most important, reason we believe Harinder is the ideal currency trader...

He's Executed Thousands of Currency Trades!

As I mentioned, our research determined that most FOREX systems are based on "institutional trading."

In other words, they are geared for firms like Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, or J.P. Morgan.

But our most active readers are individual investors. So, in order to create a premier currency program, we needed someone who understood... on a gut-level... how to succeed as an individual currency trader.

Harinder is NOT a former institutional trader who built his success on the back of resource-rich financial titans like Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank...

Instead, he is an individual investor who has used his analytical and engineering skills, training, and savvy to thrive as a currency trader...

In fact, Harinder has executed thousands of currency trades... and he understands what it takes to succeed and thrive in the world of Forex trading.

Harinder's contrarian approach is guarded and conservative... yet aggressive when the opportunity is ripe for a big win.

He has been wildly successful during his 25 years as a trader. While it would be unfair for me to divulge to you his personal financial situation I can tell you this: the money he has made in the FOREX market is SUBSTANTIAL...

In fact, he's been so successful, Harinder doesn't work a nine-to-five job. He doesn't spend hours stuck in traffic commuting to an office every day taking orders from a boss who isn't nearly as smart as he is.

Harinder is his own boss. He determines how much money he's going to make each day.

But the important thing to understand is this: Harinder has spent the last two decades merging the powerful "Forex Edge" into his own proprietary currency trading method.

The result is a simple, powerful, and highly lucrative program that will likely make more than a handful of our readers millionaires.

Now, he is ready to share a secret... a secret only 1 in 15 million people ever discover... the secret behind fortunes of $1 million... $10 million... $25 million and more with you.

Already, Harinder has isolated an initial series of currency trades -- four trades to be exact -- for our readers. As you will see in a moment, these trades could add up to a stunning $105,000 potential profit windfall in the next month... and put you on the road to being a currency millionaire.

I'll tell you more about it in a moment. I'll also tell you how to get a full year of Currency Profits Trader, absolutely free.

But first, let me share with you a little more about how Currency Profits Trader works.





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