Re; I have medical lists

Here is the package deal we're running for this week

Fully Licensed Medical Doctors in the US

788,263 in total * 17,993 emails

Medical Doctor in over 34 specialties

Sort by over a dozen different fields

List of American Pharma Companies
Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

Complete Contact List of Hospitals in the USA
Full data for all the major positions in more than 7k facilities

Extensive Database of Dentists in the United States
Virtually every dentist in the United States with full contact details

US Chiropractor Contact List
100k Chiropractors offices with full contact data including email, postal address, phone and fax

reduced price is now:
$391 for all lists above

send email to:

exp. mar August 15

To invoke no further correspondence status please send an email to


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