Let's you and I make history together.

Let's you and I make history together.
I'm used to making history so you're in good hands.
In the 80's I was the first to create a business
that used computers to match buyers and sellers
of yachts, airplanes, exotic automobiles, fine art,
thoroughbred horses, and high-end real estate.
In the 90's I was the first to send out daily
motivational emails, and developed and released
the first online prospecting course of its kind
anywhere in the world--using ICQ and AOL to harvest
prospects and turn them into huge financial gain.
In the 00's I was the first to harness the prospecting
power of new social networks like AOL, Yahoo, ICQ and
MSN by launching Prospecting Mastery tele-classes.
And today, I'm poised to make history again.
Only this time we'll do it with Facebook, together,
you and me.

Listen Mickey – my final Facebook Prospecting Mastery
Boot Camp began on Saturday.  The 1st session was
recorded so even though you didn't register and attend,
you can still take advantage of the discount being offered.
I've managed to add 5 more seats this morning, so timing is
everything for you.
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247. That's a 65% Discount.
I want to help you make history in your company by
transforming you into a master of network marketing.
"Thanks Max I already signed up 5 people from Facebook
into my business after listening to your sessions on
"I was able to sign up a terrific lady in Georgia who
just happens to be a MLM superstar and I have met to ladies
in Wales who I know will sign up and I have been trying so
hard to open the UK. Thanks"
I'm not just talking about helping to make you a
prospecting master. That's a given.
Making history means rocketing to the top of your
company faster than all other people.
Making history moves you up to the leadership
position you're working so hard to achieve. Only a
small percentage of people can pull it off, and it
took something special for them to do it. Something
Your quest to make history starts today Glen,
by making a decision to add Facebook to your resume.
It's only logical that you pursue this opportunity,
not only because I chopped the price in half for you,
but because it just makes sense.
Now there are a few stipulations. I only want to work
with people who are:
-willing to take action
-willing to follow through
If you possess these attributes then you're going to
do extremely well as a Facebook student.
This isn't a plunge you're taking really. The cost to
participate is so low that it's simply a logical next
step, and there are just 5 seats left at the ridiculously
low price.
So, go here now and register for the next logical step in
your training:
Let's make history Glen, you're in good hands
and in the perfect place to do it.
Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. The recording of Saturday's first Boot Camp session will be
posted tonight, so you really haven't missed a thing. 
Make that commitment NOW and get in now while you still

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