Create professional Video Squeeze Pages in minutes, with no design experience.

You probably know that videos are HUGE right now. Big "gurus" are using video to market their products. People are switching to video only sales pages, with just a video and an order button, or an opt-in form.

That's because videos WORK, and these simple video pages WORK.

To hire a designer to create a quality video squeeze page for you would cost hundreds of dollars. And trying to create one yourself from scratch could take hours.

That's why this "Premium Video Squeeze Pages" package was created.

Even though all the big marketers are using these video squeeze pages, there aren't many places to get your own video squeeze page. There are designers that charge several hundred dollars. And I've seen some template based products.

But I've never seen anything like what I'm about to show you....

I created this product with a design "newbie" in mind. A non-techie person, with little HTML, CSS and design experience. I wanted this to be accessible to anyone. And I wanted anyone to be able to create truly GREAT looking video squeeze pages, in minutes.

So, I've created a very unique set of highly customizable templates, and a "system" for you to easily customize them and create your own unique designs in minutes.

These templates are professionally put together for you, with everything you need already in place like:

* A clean, professional design.
* Visual elements around the opt-in form to increase conversions.
* Instructions for filling in name and email.
* Privacy text under opt-in form.

All of this stuff is already in place, so you just have to insert your codes into the template, and you're done.

It really is newbie proof "copy and paste" easy.

And these templates fit ANY size web videos (YouTube, Viddler, Camtasia, what ever you have).


The best part about this package, is the unique "system" I've put together for customizing and then easily creating your own unique templates and video squeeze pages.

You see, other packages might give you the source files, but it's then up to you to turn the source files into actual pages. This requires HTML and CSS skills, and also takes time to do.

What I did is I created a unique "PSD to HTML export system", with which you can literaly export the updated source document, into a fully working HTML video squeeze page, with just a few clicks.

For How it Works Details Click Here


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