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You Tube: Great Way Market Your MLM Business

Quick tip for you.... get on you tube and learn
how to market your MLM business.

You Tube is still relatively new
when it comes to being used for
marketing MLM businesses.

My advice get in now.

Feel free to check out a couple of my video's
on my channel to get a feel for how to set up your own.

Children in the Home Business Environment

Operating a home business is seldom easy and interruptions come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

Between the family, friends and neighbors who call or come by, and the telemarketers who insist on ringing your number off the hook, getting through the workday can be a real challenge.

When you introduce children into the home office environment, your productivity and patience can be seriously tested.

For example, right now my three-year old daughter is pulling on my shirt and begging me to read her a story. Clearly, Im in the middle of something important here, but how can I say no to those eyes? I'll be right back...

Ok, that wasnt so bad was it? Shes happy, Im happy (having bonded with my daughter) and now I'm back to continue my conversation with you. :-) Whats the lesson here? Flexibility is a major key to balancing your home business priorities with your familys needs.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that maintaining a deep level of concentration on work in a home b…

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