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August 21, 2009 - Issue #2751  

Michael Masterson
Dear ETR Reader -

Every business person I know has been affected by the Great Recession. Some are doing business as usual and hoping for a quick turnaround. That is a big mistake.

If you want to prosper in the coming months, you must take a radically objective view of your business. What expenses can you cut? What improvements can you make? How can you deliver a better value to your customer?

At ETR we are making radical changes, overhauling our product line by weeding out the weaker products and strengthening the stronger ones. We have fired some talent and brought in fresh blood. We have identified practices, procedures and processes (the Invisible Three Profit Vampires) and ended their lives.

One thing we aren't cutting back on, though, is the energy we put into marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. When you are suffering from anemia, you don't need less blood, you need more!

Expect to see more improvements in all our products in the coming weeks and months. Expect to be offered better deals. And keep giving us your feedback as we go. We read every suggestion made. Our success depends on your purchasing decisions. And your purchasing decisions depend on your complete and total satisfaction.

In today's issue:

  • Mr. Market's September Flu
  • Eat Your Salt and Like It Too
  • Can You Connect Two Dots? If So, You Can Make Bundles

The Perfect Business Literally in Your Pocket
Flick through a step-by-step set of simple 1-2-3 instructions. Follow them (should take about 20 minutes). The next conversation you have, simply say the "Magic Words" per the instructions. The next thing you know, your bank account could start filling up.


Watch Out for Stocks Next Month

Research from Georgia Tech: Over a 200-year period, 15 out of 18 stock markets studied posted negative returns in September. From 1970 to 2007, all 18 posted negative returns.

Consider these facts:

  • The last bear market for U.S. stocks began in September of 2000.
  • That market hit its lows in September of 2002.
  • The Lehman Brothers collapse happened in September.
  • The crash of 1987 happened in October, but the decline began in September.
  • And the worst month of the great depression? September 1931, when the market fell 30 percent.

With stock prices so much higher than they should be, Bob Irish, IDE's Investment Director, asks, "Do you really want to be fully exposed right now?"


Making Money Online Is Not Complicated
Most Internet marketing programs sound exciting at first. But soon you are totally confused and/or overwhelmed with complex terms and strategies. But the best way to make money online is actually the simplest. People predominantly use the Internet to check their email. And you can leverage that fact to make as much as $250 per day.


Is Salt the Culprit When It Comes to High Blood Pressure?

My grandfather once told me he saw a chef shoot a man for salting his food before tasting it. That's not something I worry about nowadays. But I do get shouted at. K doesn't like me salting my food. Before or after I taste it. She says I should be concerned about my blood pressure. I say my blood pressure is fine.

Damn it, I like salt. So I was pleased to read about a study reported in the January issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. According to the researchers, the amount of salt you take in isn't nearly as important as your ratio of sodium to potassium. Take in more potassium and you can safely eat more salt.

ETR Health Tsar Melanie Segala wants me to cut down on salt and increase my potassium. I'm thinking I'll just take in more potassium. In Total Health Breakthroughs, Dr. Joseph McCaffrey suggests some good ways to do that.


Stop Playing Standard Stock Market Games
Spend just 30 minutes a day in front of your computer – using "tactical surgical strikes" to hit the market where it hurts. You could be making $5,000, $10,000, or more per week – whether the market falls, soars, or goes sideways.


"The Fight Is Worth It"

"Since subscribing to ETR, I've taken up yoga, lost around 20 pounds, write better articles, and I've re-discovered an attitude that remembers that all is not lost, as far as my financial future goes.

"It's almost like becoming 18 years old again. I just want you all to know that your newsletter serves to remind folks like me that the fight is worth it. Overcoming the challenges is better than giving up. To know that there are others like me, who choose not to quit, is your gift to the world."

Don Pennington
Borger, TX


Net $50,000 for Making Simple Introductions

By Mathew Adams

You're invited to a lobster bake at the yacht club by a friend who has four marinas in the area.

A half-hour into the party, you meet a guy who imports boating supplies and sells them to retailers. During your conversation, you find out he's looking to expand. You ask your new acquaintance if he would be open to paying a small commission for any new business you might generate for him. He eagerly accepts your offer, and you reach an agreement. Over beer and lobsters, mind you!

Then you introduce your marina-owning friend to the boating supplies importer.

They hit it off immediately. Before long, they are discussing prices. In other words, negotiating. Within a few minutes, they have a deal. Your friend will buy some of the importer's products wholesale and sell them at all four of his marinas.

(Click Here to Read On)


Today's Word to the Wise:

To steward (STEW-urd) is to manage property or money on behalf of somebody else. The word -- from the Old English for "household" + "keeper" -- originated as the title of the man in charge of running the day-to-day affairs of a castle or manor. His responsibilities included such things as supervising servants, collecting rents, and keeping accounts.

Example (as used by Matthew Adams today): "I learned a great deal about human psychology by monitoring and trading financial markets. (Not to mention how to steward large sums of money.)"


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