Here's how Gena's added 31 people to her business in the last 17 days

Would you like to know how Gena added  31 people to her business
in the past 17 days?  That's ALMOST 2 A DAY!
What makes this all the more impressive, is that Gena's no computer
genius.  She's following the simple system you can easily learn by
attending my "Facebook Prospecting Mastery Boot Camp."
More about Boot Camp in a minute. Let's focus on Gena.
In case you don't remember her.  After participating in one of my
Boot Camps, Gena added 11 people to her business in May;
12 people in June and 25 people in July.  And now another
31 people so far in August brings her total to 71 people.
Gena wrote yesterday:
     "Things are CRAZY FUN!
     I'm working with my new guys. They are all at different levels.
     Some are great wholesale customers getting fantastic results,
     loving the products. Some are loving the products and adding
     a few new customers themselves.
     And then there are the serious builders that are loving the products
     adding new customers and working with me with the people they know
     and already, by using your scripts (sticking to the questions) we have
     added another 31 people to our team.
     And we are just half way through the month - THIS MONTH!!
     With this kind of momentum I am really on the cusp of the next level
     in the market plan. And I truly expect to move into the next level right
     after that. In other words I EXPECT jumping 2 levels THIS YEAR  -
     Thank you Max!!!! 
     PS - I have a team that are starting to have great success through
     YOUR training's. They will be sharing very soon."
Gena is just beginning to experience explosive growth in her business thanks
to my system.  She's also having more fun than ever before.
Do you want to duplicate Gena's success?
Then do what Gena did and secure your place in my LAST Facebook
Prospecting Mastery Boot Camp that begins on Saturday, August 22nd.
There's a Special 65% Discount available if you register in the next 48 hours.
Now, I could tell you until I am blue in the face why you should join this
Saturday's Boot Camp because you can be having the same success
as Gena.
I could point out that I'm giving you an DISCOUNT to attend because
I want you to be successful.  
I could go on and on about how you can easily deploy all of my tactics
to recruit a minimum of 1 new person a day into your business… and
actually start seeing results in just a matter of days.
I could assure you that I'll record the first session on Saturday, so if
you're traveling over the weekend, you won't miss a thing. 
I could remind you that you don't need a web-site, an email list, or
anything other than the knowledge I can share with you in order to
create a consistent and never-ending stream of fresh leads for your
Or, I could once again tell you how you will save an absolute fortune by
attending “Boot Camp".....… as you will never again waste your hard
earned cash to buy leads, place ads, or spend a dime on marketing
I could reiterate the fact you can use my strategies to develop a solid
business that spans the globe… without ever leaving home!
And, then I could share with you the fact that once you discover my
time-tested methods you will be able to generate cash on demand… to
cover those unexpected expenses or just to give yourself a little perk.
Of course, we could also discuss how by simply deploying my business
boosting skills you could “kiss your day job goodbye!”- While spending
just an hour a day prospecting!
And, everyone loves to talk about how my methods eliminate all the fear
and anxiety from your prospecting efforts… as you will only talk to
people who are enthusiastically waiting to talk to you – and even call
you first!
After all, I believe in my heart of hearts that you need to attend my
"Facebook Boot Camp" if you want your business grow.
If you participate, it’s only a matter of time until you achieve Gena's results.

Because when you attend this "Boot Camp"  – YOU JUST CAN'T FAIL......
it’s just that simple. 
I can help you do exactly what Gena's accomplished, and I don't want to
let money be an issue.
To encourage you to participate, I'm giving you a BIG DISCOUNT.
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - (STIMULUS)
and you'll save $247.
Don't be left out. Register NOW.
Gena's success can be your success.  What would your business be like
if you added 71 new people to your business by November?  What kind of
Thanksgiving would you have?

Let me show you how to duplicate her success on Facebook and have
something to celebrate during the holidays.
Warmest Regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Don't forget this Special Deal is ONLY GOOD for the next 48 hours. facebookbootcamp
P.P.S. If you'd like me to personally coach you.
        Go To :
        and I'll put you in this Facebook Boot Camp for free

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