You may have the heart. But do you have the means?

Hi Glen,
Just as I predicted, people are signing up for the EARLY BIRD
access to my new "Social Networking Mastery" video program
that goes live tomorrow like I was giving away money!
But then again, I am. 
But time's almost up for you to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD
Special Offer and big savings. 
As of today, you can still be one of the first to gain full access to the most
innovative lead generating system ever released, and save $268 of your
hard earned cash by getting in on this special today!

Social Networking Mastery will be selling for $349 after Friday, but you can
order it for ONLY $175 if you act fast.  That's a 60% Discount.
It's no surprise to ME because I know how my training's have turned so
many network marketers' lives around. Network marketers just like YOU!
And it's no surprise they're referring the people they work with, either,
not once they've felt the power for themselves.
But, heck, I guess you might wonder what all the fuss is about and is
what everyone is saying about my video training format REALLY true?
Yes, Yes, and three times YES, Glen!
But don't take MY word for it, Glen. Go here and check out
all the success stories for yourself:
And, Glen, there is a REASON my students refer their people......
and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out.
You see, when they experience the power social networks offer for
business building for themselves, it's as plain as the nose on your
face it can make you an even BIGGER pile of money when you get
your people using it, too.
Makes sense, doesn't it?
Here's what just ONE of my students who referred my system to her
downline said to me today:
  "... what we're really excited about... These
are all people, who really want to do this.
They've been in networking groups, mixers,
chambers... all that kind of stuff.  We told
them, 'Guys, this is just SO much fun!'. This
is great... I LOVE this,  I absolutely love
   This is going more than double our business
because it's going to more than double THEIR
   I see this as not only increasing the business,
but the personal growth for all of us... and
that affects EVERYTHING you do.
   The people in my group... they have the heart,
but they haven't had the means to get in front
of people. This is the means, and the best
thing about it, offsetting the cost of the
class, it's FREE... you get good at it, and
it's unlimited."     Steve & Joyce
And then there's Gena.  Do you think she added those 61 people to
her business last month by herself?  You can hear in her own words
how she did it, or how her new people did it.  Go tot:
Social Networking Mastery will be selling for $349, but you and your people
can order it for ONLY $175 if everyone acts fast.  That's a 60% Discount.

In ADDITION, everyone who orders TODAY, will also receive 2 months
of access to my LIVE online coaching sessions called "Ask Max."
( a $94 value )

Once my new system is released, you will immediately skip past all the
others in line... and gain full access to this revolutionary, business building
system first. 

Make no doubt about it:  By getting in now, not ONLY will you save significantly,
but you will gain a HUGE edge on the competition.  

By being first in line, you will discover my latest breakthrough strategies and
methods to consistently add an "endless" amount of top-notch prospects to your
business, each and every day... guaranteed!

Plus, you'll be able to build your business without spending a dime on marketing,
or advertising!

But you must act quickly.

It could be just a couple of hours until my team is ready to release my new,
"turbo-charged" system. And, when they do this "$174 EARLY BIRD Savings Offer"
will disappear. Then it will be released to the public at full price.

That's fair, right?

You bet it is!

So, get in while you can, and take me up on this limited time offer.

Signing up is easy, just click on the link below now:

It's really that simple... and your business will be changed forever.

"Social Networking Mastery" is destined to become the standard
for which all future training on any topic will be measured. 
Gena has added 109 people to her business in the last 120 days
because her people are using my system too.
Their Secret is My Secret.  And it will be YOUR Secret when you
have my new system.  Go To:

Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S.  The EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Ends when Social Networking
         Mastery is released tomorrow.  Don't miss out.  I'm trying to save you $268.

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