OPEN THIS NOW: If you can ACT FAST, you can be FIRST and RICH too!

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If you can ACT FAST, you can be FIRST and RICH too!
In going through the emails of thanks, testimonials and success stories
from all of my students over the last two years, I found that they all had
They had ALL participated in one of my Boot Camps.
You can participate in my upcoming Boot Camp where over the next
3 weeks where we'll work together to INSURE your success if you ACT
FAST!  You can be part of the FIRST Boot Camp Group to work with
my newest training material.
Gena participated in a Boot Camp and her business grew by 109 people
from May to August.  In 48 hours we'll learn what her numbers are for
Howard participated in a Boot Camp and now he's on his way to earning
$40,000 a month over the next few months in his first year as a network
After participating in a Boot Camp, John signed up 64 people in 45 days.
************Your Challenge***************
     Where do you find the right people?
     How do you connect with them?
     How do you qualify them and close the sale?
     How can you make a sale a day in less than an hour?
     How can you add 10 people to your business in the next 10 days?
************Your Solution*******************
     Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp
Now, I could tell you until I am blue in the face why you should participate in
Saturday's Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp because you can be having
the same success as Gena, Howard and John. 
I could point out that I'm giving you a 79% DISCOUNT to attend when you add up
all the extra's I've included because I want you to be successful.  

I could go on and on about how you can easily deploy all of my tactics to recruit
a minimum of 1 new person a day into your business… and actually start seeing
results in just a matter of days.
I could point out that there's a video library available to you RIGHT NOW that can
help you add people to your business immediately.
I could assure you that I'll record every live session, so you won't miss a thing. 

I could remind you that you don't need a web-site, an email list, or anything other
than the knowledge I can share with you in order to create a consistent and never
ending stream of fresh leads for your business.

Or, I could once again tell you how you will save an absolute fortune by attending
"Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp".....… as you will never again waste your
hard earned cash to buy leads, place ads, or spend a dime on marketing

I could reiterate the fact you can use my strategies to develop a solid business
that spans the globe… without ever leaving home!

And, then I could share with you the fact that once you discover my time-tested
methods you will be able to generate cash on demand… to cover those
unexpected expenses or just to give yourself a little perk.

Of course, we could also discuss how by simply deploying my business
boosting skills you could "kiss your day job goodbye!"- While spending
just an hour a day prospecting!
And, everyone loves to talk about how my methods eliminate all the fear
and anxiety from your prospecting efforts… as you will only talk to
people who are enthusiastically waiting to talk to you – and even call
you first!
I could remind you that if you ACT FAST, you can have a personal one on
one coaching session with me. ( ONLY AVAILABLE TO THE NEXT 10
I believe in my heart of hearts that you need to attend "Social Networking Mastery
Boot Camp" if you want your business to grow fast.
If you participate, it's only a matter of time until you achieve Gena, Howard and
John's results.

Because when you attend my Boot Camp  – YOU JUST CAN'T FAIL...... it's just
that simple. I won't let you fail.

To encourage you to participate, I'm giving you the BIGGEST DISCOUNT ever
offered for a Boot Camp and have a financing program available to help you spread
out the cost.
and secure your place right now.
Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  The NEXT 10 People to Register can save an extra $100
         as well as secure a personal coaching session with me.
         ONLY 20 Seats remain available for this Boot Camp
         ACT FAST and you can be in the first group to participate
           1. Take the 1 Payment Option
2. Type (PRELAUNCH) in the Coupon Code Box
3. Click "Apply"
4. The price will drop $100.
        The Coupon Code will stop working with the 10th order.

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