NEW Special VIRTUAL TOUR - How To Get Rich On Social Networks In An Hour A Day


Last Saturday, I took everyone on a Virtual Tour of my NEW "Social
Networking Mastery" video training series and gave them the chance
to purchase it at the EARLY BIRD Special price saving them 60%.
You can take the Virtual Tour RIGHT NOW and secure the EARLY
BIRD Special price for yourself, if you're one of the next 40 people who
want to be RICH and can ACT FAST.
To watch the Virtual Tour go to:
There's BIG MONEY waiting to be scooped up on Social Networks where
a HALF A BILLION people are waiting to hear from you, when you know
where to find them, how to qualify them as prospects and how to close
them. Some of these people can make you RICH. 
Gena began making money on these Social Networks in May by adding
11 people to her business.  She added 12 more team members in June
and DOUBLED her success in July with 25 more. In August, her business
ADDED 61 more people.  That's 109 people in 120 days.  Some of these
people will make Gena RICH
Yesterday I heard from Sara, who used my system 7 years ago to add
5,000 people to her business in two years, and after ordering "Social
Networking Mastery" wants all of her 30,000 people to have it too.

Want to know why Gena and Sara are so excited?
Watch the Virtual Tour and then order "Social Networking Mastery."
Learn how Gena's using my system to get RICH without spending a dime
on leads, web-sites, lead capture systems, or marketing of any kind.
Learn how Sara's made millions in her networking business thanks to my
simple system.
If you'd like to get RICH by adding one new customer, distributor or client to
your business in LESS THAN AN HOUR A DAY from a pool of HALF A BILLION
people that are waiting to hear from you, watch the Virtual Tour and then
take advantage of the EARLY BIRD Special price and save $268.
BUT YOU ONLY HAVE TODAY because the price goes up tomorrow.
If you're already trying to use social networks like MySpace and Facebook to
build your business, but aren't adding one new person a day to your business
AND WANT TO, simply watch the Virtual Tour to learn why you can't afford
to pass on my "Social Networking Mastery" series.
There is NO ONE out there teaching what I do.
This is your chance to see for yourself.
Watching the Virtual Tour will be worth every minute of your time.
What you'll see will transform the way you do business and take it to the next level
just like it's done for Gena and Sara.
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Please check out discounts on two of my video training series when
you get this. There are limits on their availability and they MAY BE SOLD
      1.  Social Networking Mastery Video Course
Save $268 if ordered by Midnight Thursday 

2.  Endless Free Leads 2.0 Video Training Course
Simply take the 1 Payment Option, use the Coupon Code
( STIMULUS99 ) and pay only $99. 

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