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"Integrity to your word is one thing.  Integrity to your heart is even more powerful.  Now if your words match your heart, you will be far more likely to do what you say." J. Hough

 Hi you!  Ya know, over the last little bit there's been lots of change for me (I just moved - our new number is are some pics of my backyard!).  As a result, there were many promises I made  myself and that some people made to me.  What I noticed is that some things I say I will do, I just don't do.  What is that all about?  Because then (for a brief moment of temporary insanity) I am prone to beating myself up.


SOUL Whispers -    I'm getting much faster at recognizing when I say I will do something, and it's not inspired from within.  It's about doing what I 'should' do, or what a 'good person' does, not about following my heart.  When I realize I am out of integrity with my heart, I smile to myself, phone the person and apologize if necessary, change the timing or make other plans.....and quickly move on.


LET GO OF THE OARS:  This is no time to judge yourself....this is the time to get really clear on what you desire at your deepest levels.....and then settle for nothing less.  


  Never apologize for following your heart.  There's no use feeling guilty about not following your heart too!  Just make it right as quickly as you realize it.....and keep shining your light!  The Sister of Soul

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