The Doors Open Tonight at 8:00 PM EDT for my HISTORIC NEW want in?

The Doors Open Tonight at 8:00 PM EDT for my HISTORIC NEW
Video Training Course.."Social Networking Mastery"... you want in?
I'll be conducting a LIVE TOUR during a webinar at 8:00 tonight
that will help you immediately maximize it's contents.
If you are already a customer, just login and click the link.
But hurry, you only have a few more hours to take advantage of the EARLY
BIRD Special price and save 60%.
Over the past four weeks, several almost REVOLUTIONARY changes
to the social networking landscape have occurred and several genuinely
HISTORIC ones have occurred that have mandated I release this new
video course 4 months early .

These new changes and advanced features will make growing your
business a snap during this troubled economy.

The GRAND OPENING takes place TONIGHT at 8:00 PM EDT
during a LIVE History Making Webinar.
(It will be recorded and posted for your convenient viewing)
These new changes are so important to YOU and YOUR business
that I couldn't in good conscience share them with complete strangers
before I share them with you.

Or, at least giving you first right of refusal!

Especially now that the bad economy is causing millions of people to
turn to network marketing to replace their lost incomes.  Why not grab
your share and bring them into your business?

These HISTORIC social networking changes will make network marketing
easier than ever before.

You WILL recruit more people into your business in the 4th quarter of the
year than you did in the 1st 3 quarters.........IF you position yourself today.

This will be the Best Investment you've ever made for your business
and set you up for immediate explosive growth that will carry you
through the rest of the year.


In ADDITION, If you order before 8:00 PM, you'll also receive 2 months
of access to my LIVE online coaching sessions called "Ask Max."
( a $94 value )

Don't LOSE your 60% Discount, or you'll be forced to pay the RETAIL
PRICE of $349 tomorrow.
"Social Networking Mastery" is destined to become the standard
for which all future training on any topic will be measured.  Just
ask Gena, who added 61 new people to her business in August.
That's right. Gena's added 11 people in May; 12 in June; 25 in July;
and now 61 new people in August.  That's 109 people in 120 days.

Her Secret is My Secret.  And it can be YOUR Secret.
To duplicate her success go to:

Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S.  If you'd like me to coach you personally, go to:  and I'll give you
        this new program for free.

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