Be the "lucky 1%" (here's how)

Hi Glen,
Oh. My. Word.
It's NEVER happened this fast before.
In just TWO days since it was promoted, all but TWO seats
remain at the Discounted Price.  When they're gone, the
PreLaunch Special to attend my "Social Networking Mastery
Boot Camp" is over and so is your chance to save $100.
98% of the discounted places have been snapped up. Just two
are left. Maybe.  You'll need to check here:
Do you know what this means, Glen?
It means IF you're truly determined to succeed and want to save
an extra $100 -- and I mean REALLY determined to succeed --
you could secure one of the VERY LAST PLACES in the VERY
BEST Boot Camp I've ever conducted at the lower price.
Of course $100 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money
you'll make with the downline explosion you can expect in the
fourth quarter of the year and all through the holidays thanks
to your participation in this Boot Camp.  But hey, I'm sure
you can use that money to pay a bill or go out to a nice
Register TODAY and you can START TODAY.  You could
recruit someone TONIGHT. It happens, Glen.  It happens often:
  "Max, I made my Boot Camp investment back the first
week with 9 new customers. Other members of my team
want to take your next one. Thanks for everything.

~~ P. Michael Dallas, TX
  "Thanks Max I already signed up 5 people in to my
business after attending the first day of Boot Camp"

~~ Sue
A dream?
YOU could join the other network marketers who have already
helped themselves to the $100 savings. 
Only thing puzzling me is... WHY are YOU not YET one of
YOU want more recruits, don't you?
YOU more than any other want to succeed as a network
marketer, don't you?
YOU above all the others in this business want to enjoy
results like these, starting TODAY, don't you?
  "You helped me put over one thousand people
into my business over the Internet in four months
and quit my job at the post office.  Thanks for
making it possible for me to shine."

~~ Cynthia L.
  "Max, I have an MLM business, but I have also been
able to meet folk's needs with my full time business.
I just got another contract just using your scripts
that should yield another $5,000 per month for two
years.  ($120,000) Yippeeeeeeee   I got this one while
my grandson was napping on my lap."

~~ Jill
  "Max, I have added 49 new people to my business in the
past 60 days for starters.  Your system has turned my
business around 180 degrees."
  ~~ John   
Let me share something with you, Glen.
Something your leaders probably haven't told you.
Did you know 90% of network marketers don't last even
their first YEAR in the business? Yeah, 90 out of every
100 who start... give up within a year.
You don't want to be one of THOSE, do you? Wouldn't you
rather be one of the 10% who stay? Or better yet... one
of the 1% who REALLY SUCCEED?
I promise, Glen. When you participate in this Boot Camp,
you WILL simply leave resistance, objection, and rejection far,
far behind. Just let it go.
Because you'll effortlessly target EXACTLY the right
prospects for your opportunity. You won't talk to them
unless you KNOW they're perfect. And when you DO connect
with them... you'll use my "super-secret" strategies to
naturally get them to ask YOU about your business.
No "hard sell"... not even a "soft sell"... because they
SELL THEMSELVES on you before you say a word about your
It really is that easy.
Why wait? Every day you're not using my system is a day
you're losing money. Fact.
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  Boot Camp starts Saturday, September 26th, but you can
         begin TODAY and I have a spot here with your name on it...
         and a HUGE $100 SAVING you can grab if you ACT RIGHT
        Go to:
        1. Take the 1 Payment Option
        2. Type (PRELAUNCH) in the Coupon Code Box
        3. Click "Apply"
        4. The price will drop $100.

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