Time Sensitive* message --this is where it gets serious

Dear Glen,
The one characteristic that separates high achievers from dreamers
is their ability to make important decisions and take action - fast.
The time has come to make the most important business decision
you have to make this year. With my new Social Networking Mastery
Video Course coming on line sometime Friday - you really need to take
action now! 
I really don't have the luxury to be diplomatic.
So I'll take off the gloves and be direct.
There are few certainties in life. In business there are next to none.
But I'm absolutely promising that you and your business will experience
a complete paradigm shift the likes of which you will not encounter
anywhere else.
Picture yourself just a few weeks from now as you begin to implement
your training into your recruiting efforts... signing up 5, 8, or even 10 new
clients and customers a month.  Or even 1 a day.
Of course the results are completely up to you and the effort you put into
implementing the training.
Gena added 11 people to her business in May, the same month she began
her training.  Then 12 more in June; 25 more in July; and now 61 new people
in August.
That's 109 people in 120 days.
But time's almost up for you to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD Special
Offer and big savings. 
As of today, you can be one of the first to gain full access to the most
innovative lead generating system ever released, and save $268 of your
hard earned cash by getting in on this special today!

Social Networking Mastery will be selling for $349 after Friday, but you can
order it for ONLY $175 if you act fast.  That's a 60% Discount.

In ADDITION, If you order TODAY, you'll also receive 2 months of access to
my LIVE online coaching sessions called "Ask Max."  ( a $94 value )

Once my new system is released, you will immediately skip past all the
others in line... and gain full access to this revolutionary, business building
system first. 

Make no doubt about it:  By getting in now, not ONLY will you save significantly,
but you will gain a HUGE edge on the competition.  

By being first in line, you will discover my latest breakthrough strategies and
methods to consistently add an "endless" amount of top-notch prospects to your
business, each and every day... guaranteed!

Plus, you'll be able to build your business without spending a dime on marketing,
or advertising!

But you must act quickly.

Social Networking Mastery goes live tomorrow, so I don't have the luxury of being
gentle. I owe it to you to be brutally honest. I almost feel like Tina Turner singing the
'hard' version of 'Proud Mary.' So here's my true thinking on the matter:
There are three kinds of people.
1. The ones who make things happen
2. The ones who watch things happen
3. The ones things seem to happen to
Figure out, right now, which of these three groups you're in. If you're in group number
one and you don't have access to the powerful information in my Social Networking
Mastery video course then that's a crying shame.
Just ask yourself.... How did I do in August? If you're not happy with your numbers,
September, October and the rest of the year can be better if you take action now.
If you're in group two and don't take action, but sit idly on the sidelines (watching,
not doing) don't you really want to move yourself up to the starting line and begin
putting things into motion that will change your life?
I can help you!
Finally, if you're in group 3, you've got to be exhausted living your life as a fatalist.
Unless I'm totally wrong about you, you didn't get involved in your business for the
fun of it.
You signed up because you believed you could make some extra money or it was
your path to financial freedom.
Not chump change... but real serious dollars... Freedom Money!
And, unless I'm totally wrong on this one, you're probably less than satisfied with the
results you've been getting.
That's frustrating... that's real... and it doesn't have to be that way.
There are men and women who are no different than you having incredible success
just because they've been taught a system for tapping into an unlimited free source
of HALF A BILLION people where they can easily identify prospects from suspects.
They use this system to create new customers and new clients for their business
with ease.
It really IS your choice.
In business you either grow (go forward), or you die (regress). It's impossible to merely
stand still.
If I've made my point, don't waste another day, hour or minute.
Register for Social Networking Mastery at http://www.maxsteingart.com/mastery
I don't have the time or the luxury of being anything but direct.
If you don't have access to my new Social Networking Mastery video course your
business will be the loser. That's all I have to say. I hope this message impacts
your thinking and stimulates you to take the action you need to for the betterment
of your business.
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S. Take the time to read the information I have at
the registration site to remind yourself what I will be
covering in the course.
P.P.S.  The EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Ends when Social Networking
         Mastery is released.  Don't miss out.  I'm trying to save you $268.

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