Critical NEW UPGRADE JUST AVAILABLE - Save 81% - This is as “Simple” as it gets!

Beyond this important announcement about a MAJOR social
networking NEW UPGRADE and innovation that is of vital
importance to you is a SPECIAL OFFER that can save you 81%.
This is as simple as it gets.
You see, early last evening, one of the most important tools I've been
recommending to my students for the last year, that insures they can
add a person a day to their business in less than an hour on Facebook
added a new feature of HISTORIC proportions. 
I'm talking about Digsby, the Instant Messaging System that triples
everyone's fun and productivity on Facebook, just added a MySpace
That's right, now you can use Digsby to connect with MySpace users
and Facebook users at the same time on the same system.
THIS IS HUGE.  Even the makers of Digsby want to capitalize on the
heated competition between Facebook and MySpace for everyone's
attention and you're the beneficiary.
I can't begin to tell you here how IMPORTANT this is. The good news is
that I'm recording all of Digsby's new features and will be including them
in my new "Social Networking Mastery" system this afternoon.
Since Digsby released their NEW UPGRADE on my birthday, I think
it's only fair to extend the Special Birthday offer to purchase my new
"Social Networking Mastery" video system to you for an extra day.
That means you can snap up my new system and the extra's I've
included worth $943.54 in real dollars, and order it today only for
only $175. That's a 81% discount!! 
Gena has used this system to add 109 people to her business in
120 days.
Sarah used this system to grow her business to 5000 people in two
You can listen to their recorded stories and watch a brief video
that I've posted with a special message that explains everything
If you ACT FAST, you can order my "Social Networking Mastery"
video course TODAY and save 81%.  By the time you get to the
Digsby section of my video's, I'll have their latest upgrades broken
down and waiting for you.
Jump on this NOW.  This Special Offer ends at Midnight.
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  My Social Networking Mastery Video Course also has
         a two payment option, bringing your initial cost to only $89
         Save $943.54 if ordered by Midnight Friday
P.P.S.  I've scheduled a F'ree Webinar at 2:00 PM EDT Friday
           for my students and their team members to demonstrate
           How To Get Rich On Social Networks and I'll briefly talk
           about Digsby's new upgrades.
           Registration Web Link:

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