An Engraved Invitation before going public...from me to just you

Dear Glen,
Winners aren't born.......they're made.

When I first started to race my boat Cash Flow
I was fortunate enough to have some of the best
sailors in the area on my boat to teach me.

They helped me understand the importance of
crossing the starting line ahead of everyone, and
many other things.

Once I started to win, I kept on winning.

As my 12th Anniversary of Coaching and Mentoring
network marketers and direct sellers how to excel in
their business approaches I want to invite you to
participate in my Prospecting Mastery Coaching program.

If you're ready to go vertical with your learning curve
this is your ticket.

Every week for six weeks, we'll have an action packed - 60
minute session where I'll not only help you master Internet
Prospecting, I'll give you help in any other facet of your
business you choose.

But please, this invitation is only for people who are
serious about being all that they can be, and growing
their business accordingly.

You have just 12 hours to sign up for this one spot that
just became available today, then I will be emailing my
entire database for this opportunity to work with me.

And when that happens, I can assure you this spot will
be snatched up in seconds just as the one that was
available for a short time yesterday was snatched up
just minutes after I announced it was available during
one of my live sessions.

Right now I can only take one person into this
program.  My time is stretched to the limit and I want
to devote the necessary amount of time to each participant
so you'll get maximum benefit.

Do you want to:
reach the top level of your business.
turn your business around.
be better.
eliminate all your personal barriers.
be the best you can be.  

Are you that person?

If you're ready to take the next step, and cross the
starting line ahead of everyone else, then go here to
learn more and register:

"I sponsored 8 people into my business last week.
I thought this would work, now I KNOW it works!!! 
It was enough to put me on my company's weekly
leaderboard. All I can say is "Wow"!!!
Thank you so much."
Eric F.
 "We are not even half way through the second session
and I have my first customer today. I encourage everybody,
don't procrastinate. I procrastinated for a year before I
started. Don't do it to yourself."
Theresa M.
I'm holding your place for a few more hours.

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

Warmest regards,

Max Steingart,
The Fathet of Social Networking

P.S. EXTRA BONUS: Because I want every one
I'm personally coaching to excel, I'll also include you in
an upcoming "Boot Camp" (a $597 value) absolutely FREE.

Let me say that again: if you're accepted for my
One On One Coaching program, you get to join
me in my Boot Camp for FREE --
-- that's a savings of $597.

I look forward to working with you.

P.P.S.  There are thousands in my database who
will see a rare message from me about my coaching
availability tomorrow.  They will pounce on it.
So grab your spot now while you still can!

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