THIS is going to make history! Do you want in?

Hi Glen,

It’s Max Steingart.

If you would like to tap your business into a virtual gold rush, giving
you instant access to over HALF A BILLION prospects, and the ability to
leverage over $800 Million dollars of technological investment – giving
your business the power to generate cash-on-demand...

THEN, you’re not going to want to miss a single word of this message
for reasons I will soon explain!

But first, grab up your favorite beverage, sit back, relax and then
read this entire message – you won’t regret it!

Here’s why:

On Saturday, September 26th, 2009, I will be conducting a very special
intensive training series where I will reveal all the secrets to launch your
business into the “fast lane” of business growth, and harness the power
of the Internet’s “Top Recruiting Tools" and give you access to HALF-A-
BILLION prospects!

You can think of this special training series as my Social Networking
Mastery video series on Steroids!  That's why I call it a Boot Camp.

Now, I am ONLY recommending this course to serious marketers, and
networkers. Not because it is complicated or difficult.

On the contrary, this training series is amazingly simple – and so easy to
learn that a child could do it.

But the reason I am only recommending this training to marketers and
networkers who are dead serious about building their business… is

Because the tactics revealed in this training are designed to help you
turn your business into a thriving and full-time enterprise in a matter
of just a few short weeks - that’s really how powerful this system is!

If this sounds like you, and you’re serious about growing your business
and downline at warp speed, then keep reading.

We are just getting warmed-up here…

If you are one of the first fifty to respond to this special offer:

What you will discover during this Boot Camp 3 week training event will
give you the “insider” strategies to quickly, and easily plug-in to OVER
3.6 Million fresh prospects each AND every week –and effortlessly
attract the most qualified prospects for your business, like a bee to

What’s more, I will provide you with the step-by-step details to engage
these hot prospects in such a manner that they will practically beg YOU to
share the most intimate details of your opportunity.

You’ll never again feel the fear or anxiety in recruiting again!

Best of all, you will learn each and every method I have in 3 short
weeks. And, you’ll be able to see results and start effectively
recruiting after your very first training session!

At the end of just 3 weeks you’ll be a true master of the game of

But that’s not all!

As an advanced student, you will be able to attend 10 different “Ask Max”
sessions a week, where you can receive personalized training, and answers to
your toughest questions. This is an additional 30 hours of customized
training, and worth the “price of admission” alone.

Now, that is a total of 6 hard-hitting training sessions, AND 30 “Ask
Max” sessions per week – for a total of 36-hours of the most advanced training
that I have ever offered.

And, here’s the best part:

For a training event of this magnitude, I traditionally change $997… and
that’s not taking into account the never before revealed tactics that I
will cover in this event!

But, IF you are one of the lucky people to sign-up in the next 48
hours – you will receive a $400 Scholarship - and qualify for an EXTRA
$100 Savings to get ALL 36 hours of training for just one payment of
JUST $497!

That’s a SAVINGS of 49%! 

I've posted a website with complete information on ALL the details
including this Special Boot Camp PRELAUNCH Offer that can save
you an EXRA $100.
Boot Camp will begin on Saturday, September 25th, but you can
begin today.
Upon registering, you'll receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my
NEW "Social Networking Mastery" video series and my
schedule of LIVE Ask Max Coaching sessions, so you can
get a head start on the rest of the Boot Camp participants.
You'll also receive direct access to my LIVE Ask Max daily
coaching sessions.  You and I could be talking to each other
later today at 4 PM EDT.
You're receiving this information before it's promoted to my main
list so you can reserve your place now.  Follow these instructions
to save an EXTRA $100.
1. Take the 1 Payment Option
2. Type (PRELAUNCH) in the Coupon Code Box
3. Click "Apply"
4. The price will drop $100.
In just 6 Boot Camp sessions, I will teach you the practical, step by step,
insider tips you NEED to be profitable with social media marketing on
Facebook and MySpace.

I've doubled the content, and tripled the available resources found in
my previous Boot Camps.
Take advantage of this Special Advanced Offer because it's ONLY
Good for 48 hours.
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  If you'd like me to coach you personally, go to:  and I'll put you
in this Boot Camp for free.

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