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Hey Glen,
It's Max Steingart – with just a real quick question…
Do you remember when everyone used AOL and e-mail was a real novelty?
I can still remember the thrill, and the excitement I would feel every
time I heard those magical words…
Well today, we get a lot more email – and over time that rush of
excitement has slowly faded away.
But imagine this…
Imagine every time you sat down at the computer there was something more
thrilling, more enthralling, and more profitable than any email you have
ever received.
Imagine… instead of email, your computer called out…
"You've Got LEADS!"
And not just once in awhile, but all day long… enough leads to
effortlessly grow your business by 5 or 10 fresh new recruits – EVERY
What kind of leads you ask?
Oh, I am so glad you asked… you'll love this part:
These leads are like no other. There's so fresh and so hot – it's like
pull a loaf of homemade bread out of the oven.
More importantly, these lead will be perfectly suited for your business
– like a match made in heaven.
Perfect for YOU in every way… from:
 - Age
- Income
- Job Title or Industry
- Religion
- Marital Status
- Gender
- Country, State or Zip Code
- Hobbies, Pets, Musical Interest
- And More… A Lot More!
And that's just the beginning…
Unlike every other "lead" you may have experienced in the past… these
are zero-resistance leads.
As they are practically banging down your door, begging to talk to you –
pleading to hear about your product, service, and opportunity!
There's no "selling" involved here…
To say you have to "sell" these types of leads, is like saying you have
to "sell" candy to the kids knocking on your door on Halloween!
Just think for a moment… if you removed all the resistance, all of the
negativity, and all of the rejection…
Just think how fast you could grow your business. And, just how fun and
exciting it this business would be for you.
And the impact it would have on your bank account balance?
All of your worries in life would… just melt away. Right?
So how exactly, does one get leads like these… leads that almost close
The answer is a lot easier than you think Glen.
In fact, this Saturdau, during my BIG "Social Networking Mastery Boot
Camp" I  will show you my complete blueprint to literally harvest
and never-ending supply of ultra hot leads… not on special occasions
today, or once in a blue moon… but daily - like clockwork.
And that's just the tip of the Iceberg!
If you register in the next 48 hours you can save an extra $100.
Click on the link below for all the juicy, details:
Be sure to read about my "instant saving" scholarship program – just for
NEW students, like you. It's an offer you just can't miss out on.
Then simply take the 1 Payment Option, Use the Coupon Code
( PRELAUNCH ), Hit the APPLY Button, and Save an EXTRA $100.
Just hurry, This is the first time I'm promoting this Boot Camp and it's a
"ONE TIME ONLY" fast-paced event which is strictly limited to just 50
Click on the link below, get all the details, and reserve your spot now:
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.If you'd like me to personally coach you.
Go To :
and I'll put you in this Boot Camp for free

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