Open House Webinar - To Ask Max - Anything about Social Networking Mastery

This is your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of my
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL saving you 60%.  The Price
If you'd like to ask me anything or want a 'sneak peak' at
what Social Networking Mastery is all about, I've enclosed
the links to 2 of the LIVE " ASK MAX" sessions scheduled
for today to show you. You're invited to attend either one.
Today - September 15th
Hi Glen,
Time is running out for you to snap up my new "Social Networking
Mastery" video course at the EARLY BIRD price, as it's expected
that my staff will have everything "Perfect" by Midnight Tonight.
So you don't have much time left to save BIG unless you ACT FAST.
Here's the deal:
After finishing my "Introduction to Social Networking Mastery" Webinar
on Saturday, I gave everyone that attended the chance to vote.  "Yes"
or "No" on whether they wanted to get it right then or wait for me to finish
it and make it perfect.
You see, thanks to some last minute Internet upgrades and extras that I
wanted to include in my NEW system, the final Video's and many Quick
Reference Links weren't finished and wouldn't be available until Wednesday.
I'm a perfectionist, so I wanted to wait until everything was perfect.
But Audrey and everyone on my staff said that I was being too picky.
And that it was GREAT as it is. They also reminded me that I'd be available
10 times a week during my LIVE ASK MAX sessions to go over things that
I felt weren't perfect with everyone.  You can join me today and see how
I do things by clicking on the links provided.
I wanted to keep an open mind and left it up to the webinar audience.
I showed everyone what was finished and what needed to be done and
left it up to them.
The final vote tally was 50 to 1 to "RELEASE IT NOW!"
    "Max, you continue to amaze me.  Your new system is incredible.
     Everyone on my team is an entrepreneur. We want it now.
     No, we NEED it NOW!"
     "Give it to use now.  Just from watching the Intro, I can see what
      I've been doing wrong. I'm losing money everyday I don't have this!"
      You've done it again.  This is 10 times better than your last course.
      The number 1 income earner in my company was at my house
      and watched it with me.  When he saw what you've put together
      he said, 'He's calling your office on Monday. Everyone in our
      company needs this.  Here's 2 yes votes. We want it NOW!!
I also said that everyone who ordered in the next 24 hours will also receive 2
months of access to my LIVE online coaching sessions called "Ask Max."
( a $94 value )

Once "Social Networking Mastery" is "Perfect" at Midnight, the price will be
changed forever to $349.  I urged you to ORDER IT NOW and save 60%.  You'll
receive immediate access to the system and will be notified of all the upgrades.
Right after Sunday's webinar was finished, I got a phone call from a
good friend who also happens to be the top networker in his company.
We've been working together for over 4 years and he said,
     "Max, you've out done yourself.  You've got to permit my people to
      take advantage of the lower price.  Please give me 24 hours to get
      my leaders on it."
I couldn't in good conscience do it for him and cut you out, so I agreed to
let another 100 people purchase "Social Networking Mastery" for the
I warned my friend, that I'd also make it available to everyone on my list,
and he wasted no time in promoting it.  He went so far as to say to his
people that he wouldn't work with anyone that didn't purchase it.  As a
result they're all gone this morning.
A lot of people on my list were disappointed that they went so fast,
so I'm extending the offer again to 30 more people.  But that's it.
That means that ONLY 30 more people will be able to order at the
EARLY BIRD Special price.   
Will you be one of the last to save $268?  You don't have much time to

You can do it now at:

Take advantage of this Special Offer NOW because you will never see it this low

Please don't delay.  DO IT NOW.

This will be the Best Investment you've ever made for your business and set
you up for explosive growth in 2009.

Signing up is easy, just click on the link below now:
It's really that simple... and your business will be changed forever.
Based on the response I've had from some of the most respected
names in the industry, "Social Networking Mastery" is destined to
become the standard for which all future training on any topic will be
Just ask Gena, who added 61 new people to her business in August.
That's right. Gena's added 11 people in May; 12 in June; 25 in July;
and now 61 new people in August.  That's 109 people in 120 days.
Her Secret is My Secret.  And it will be YOUR Secret when you
have my new system.  Go To:
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  The EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Ends when Social Networking
Mastery is purchased by 30 more people.
         Don't miss out. I'm trying to save you $268.

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