Glen, you CAN do this and you know it!

Hi Glen,
It's time for a gut check.

After you read this email go to the nearest mirror and look at
the face staring back at you.
That could be the face of the next network marketing superstar.
That could be the person driving to the bank with 5-figure monthly
commission checks instead of 3- or 4-figure.
It's YOU Glen, and I'm here to tell you right now, as you read this,
that the person in the mirror is the only one who can stop you from
participating in Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp and start making
it big in this business.
Are you going to tell yourself that you don't have the skills to excel at
online prospecting?
Are you going to tell yourself that you're not computer-literate enough
to learn this stuff?
Well don't.
It's time to stop beating yourself up about what you are and are not able to do.
You can do this.  You can turn on your computer, click a couple of links and
attend these classes or watch their recorded versions.
Then you can watch what I'm doing on my computer from the comfort of your
own home, ask any questions you like, and then go and do it yourself.
You'll be able to review the video recordings of everything you see as often
as you like.
Every session is recorded for your convenient viewing so you won't have
scheduling concerns.
And what you'll be doing will be absolutely extraordinary.
Downright revolutionary.
You'll be on your way to a whole new level in your business,
then you'll go back to that mirror and yell (if there's no one around)
"Wow Glen, you can DO this!"
Boot Camp begins at 3:00 PM today and there's a seat for you
available at a discounted price.  All sessions are recorded for
your convenient viewing in case you miss any.
To reserve your spot, simply click on the link below now:
(See instructions for a discount - below)
Then, brace yourself for a wild "business boosting" ride… as I spill the
beans and reveal all of the most advanced social networking tactics!
And, don't worry:
Each session and every session will be recorded! So you can easily
re-watch any, and all of the training sessions in the comfort of your
home, at any time… allowing you to master all the material with ease.
So jump onboard… and sign-up today:
This event will be a LIVE web-based training event, with a special emphasis
on recruiting and closing one sale a day on two of the hottest social networks:
MySpace and Facebook.
Also included will be advanced tactics, such as:
- How To Maximize Your Presence On Each Of These Sites So People Are
  Contacting You To Learn More About Your Business.
- How To Quadruple Your Recruiting Ratios By Making A Simple
  Change In The Way You Think, Talk, And Act... Literally Change THIS
  One Thing And The Profits Will Come!
- How to Cash In On the Current Economic Times to Tap Into Millions of
  Eager, And Business Savvy Individuals... Who Are Hungry For A Real
  Income Opportunity!
- My Newest Niche Marketing Secrets, That Will Allow You To Recruit Droves
  Of Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers And Other "Gems"... Just By
  Following My New Simple Scripts!
- How to Become a Recruiting Magnet... That Draws Successful People To
  You Like Children To Santa!
- A Simple, Yet Surefire Way To Get Highly Qualified Prospects To Ask
  You About Your Business... Closing The Deal Has Never Been This Easy!
- And More!
Plus, and this is of major importance...
We will discuss, in precise detail, how to cash-in on the Current Economic
Situation and the simple, yet powerful, adjustments you need to make NOW
to fully exploit it!
I am extremely excited to share my latest tactics with you Glen –
as I just know that once you start applying these new strategies… you'll be
able to quadruple your business and bottom line profits.
And everyone can use a big, fat, commission check this time of year right?
You bet!
And for this reason... I strongly urge you to secure your place in Social Networking
Boot Camp. 
To encourage you to participate, I'm giving you an EXTRA $100.

Go to:
1. Take the 1 Payment Option
2. Type (PRELAUNCH) in the Coupon Code Box
3. Click "Apply"
4. The price will drop $100.
Secure your place right now!
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.  If you'd like me to coach you personally, go to:  and I'll put you
        in this Boot Camp for free.

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