The first 3 quarters mean nothing

Hi Glen,
How many times have you seen a comeback in any given sport?
It happens all the time.
Just last week, three NFL teams were behind at the end of the third quarter. 
In the fourth quarter all three teams scored touchdowns and won the game.
It's time to stage your own 4th quarter comeback.  The 4th quarter of 2009
begins in just 5 days.  Now is the time to start thinking hard about how you
will stage a comeback that will get you looking at 2009 and 2010 in a
completely different way.
It doesn't matter what you did in the first 3 quarters of the year.  What
matters is what you plan on doing to get back in the game or pull ahead of
everybody else out there.
If you're not adding 5 new people into your business every week, then the
4th quarter isn't going to be any different, unless you make some changes.
There is still time for you enroll in Boot Camp - "Social Networking Mastery"
and finish 2009 a winner, but you must act now.
Howard began is network marketing career in the 4th quarter of 2008. 
He's now on track to earning $40,000 a month in his first year as
a network marketer thanks to my new video training system
and Boot Camp.  You can participate in my upcoming Boot Camp,
follow in Howard's footsteps, and save significantly if you register before
Midnight Tonight.
I want to help you be as successful as Howard.
I've posted a NEW Video that details all the Boot Camp Details.
Follow these instructions to save an EXTRA $100. 1. Take the 1 Payment Option
2. Type (PRELAUNCH) in the Coupon Code Box
3. Click "Apply"
4. The price will drop $100.
Howard's going to be an active participant in this Boot Camp and will share
his story with you.  You'll learn how he put my system on steroids,
is prospecting in over 15 countries and is on track to be earning $40,000
a month.
If you'd like to stage your own 4th quarter comeback and duplicate Howard's
success - you need to duplicate his actions - and register now for Saturday's
"Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp."
In just 6 Boot Camp sessions, I will teach you the practical, step by step,
insider tips you NEED to be as profitable with social media marketing on
Facebook and MySpace as Howard is.

I've doubled the content, and tripled the available resources found in
my previous Boot Camps.

Take advantage of this Special Advanced Offer because it's ONLY
Good until MIDNIGHT. Let me help you duplicate Howard's success
and stage your own 4th quarter comeback..

Warmest regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S.  If you'd like me to coach you personally, go to:  and I'll put you
in this Boot Camp for free.

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