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How to Rise above Emotion and Conflict with Great Ease and Joy  - Jennifer Hough with William Linville - on SOUL Radio ( you can listen to the recording of it too anytime) at 

"Life is going to throw you many opportunities right now.  The key is to let them appear, see them simply as possibilities and allow life to bring you the most obvious next steps.  Disengage from your mind trying to figure it out so you can be present to the fully opened doors." J. Hough

 Hey Glen !  Have you noticed things speeding up in your life.  More challenges, more opportunities....and maybe even some very polarized (right and wrong based) friends and family members!  Fun isn't it?  Life won't stop for you......but how do you operate so that you don't have to stop for fact, how can you have life fully serve you effortlessly?


SOUL Whispers -    It's your mind's analysis and judgments that slow you down.  Disengage, and just do what is right in front of you. Your brain will still be going nuts.........and you'll be on your path taking inspired action any how.  Can you distinguish between your mind's control and your heart's calling?  Your heart's calling always brings you peace.


LET GO OF THE OARS:  Stop analyzing and kveching.......just do what's right in front of you, that seems obvious and inspired.


  Your mind know....for math problems and doing taxes....your heart (of course) does the rest......  The Sister of Soul

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