reacting is okay...and leading is juicy....xoxo SOS

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Doing Less and Experiencing More  - Jennifer on Sept 16th - Want to find out how to dance more with life, find your personal miracle zone and transcend the voice of your ego?   - Find out more

"You can react to what appears not to be working or you can lead the way by consciously dancing with life.  React and it's business as usual; consciously choose to see things with new eyes and you become a leader in making the world a better place (starting with yours)." J. Hough

 Hi there!  I just moved into a house up close and personal with some maple trees!  Picture on the right (click  for more).  If your emails are in text format, you won't see the links or pics.....try changing to html format.  Not technical? Get an 8 year old (you know it's true).  Why?  Because 8 year olds dance with life....they are leaders of ease and flow. 


SOUL Whispers - For a week my phones weren't working.... I spent at least an hour per day on the phone with Bell (the telephone company).  Now I could have either bought cookies for the Bell guys and joked around with the Bell manager......or I could get dramatic, angry and frustrated.  I have 3 people right now at my house working especially to get my issue resolved.....they are going above and beyond.  Would you lead, or react?  By the way, the Bell manager is coming to our next workshop too.......


LET GO OF THE OARS:  When you find it hard to see things with new eyes, just find someone who does....0-10 year olds generally works for me....or a dog.  They will infect you with the ease and flow energy....and next time, you might not require them!



  As of Tuesday our new phone number is 905-640-2303....hope to see you at the event this Wed....otherwise, remember, dogs and 8 year olds.........xoxo  The Sister of Soul

Doing Less and Experiencing More on Sept 16th (Recording Available) -  Find out more....Toronto Botanical Gardens


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