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"When we speak negative gossip, understand that we leave very little room for the person we are talking about to show up any other way.  When we are the subject of gossip, the most productive way of dealing with it is to shine brighter......before long, the truth will prevail." J. Hough

 Hi you....Gossip hurts.  When we hear about others from our friends, often the story teller is looking for validation or that you agree.......perhaps they are looking to belong....and sometimes they are looking to feel better about themselves by putting another down.  It matters not, because in the end it doesn't serve peace and joy on the planet.....and we all have been on both ends of it. A clip about the beauty of imperfection (ya might need kleenex).


SOUL Whispers -    Sometimes the negative gossip is true....and the actions of the victim were from insecurity, uncertainty or a temporary moment of forgetting who they were.  I think we all have done that.  Behave around gossip with grace.....for we have all been the subject of it.  The way to end it is to have compassion for our own moments of being less than great.......


LET GO OF THE OARS:  Apologize to someone for speaking about them in a way that holds them to less than their magnificence.  We are all making this world a better place together.......and even the people we think should know better, flounder.  I definitely do, how about you?


  My friend Shawne tells me there's good gossip too.....I'm all for sharing the love.......  The Sister of Soul

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