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Hi Glen,

If you want to add people to your business in
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If you've had enough of spinning your wheels on
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Shift your thinking about what's possible for you,
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Saturday, September 26th is the official start of
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They can begin a journey of unprecedented optimism
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But you can get started TODAY!
I'll share with you the "new secrets" to adding a
minimum of five new people to your business, each
and every week... for a lifetime to come!
And I want YOU to join me, Glen.  I'm even prepared
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If you've read what everyone says about my Boot Camps
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This is the biggest discount I've ever offered.
It was to have expired last night at midnight, but I'm extending it
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If you want to add 20 new people to your business before
Halloween, you need to be in this class. 

Go here now:

This is one of the most highly anticipated classes I've ever conducted,
mainly because of all the word-of-mouth that's spreading like wild fire
across the globe.

My Boot Camps are turning heads for their ease participation and
understanding, clarity of purpose, and accelerated speed of results.

Any time someone over-delivers like I have with this class, people talk.
They create a stir, a ground-swell of scuttlebutt heard across every big
network marketing grapevine.

The result is a stampede of enrollments, and it hasn't let up yet.

Have you gone to this website yet Glen?

I'm not kidding, the word on the street from previous Boot Camp participants
is that my training's have quickly become the training of choice for novices,
major players and everyone in between. 

Boot Camp begins on September 26th, but you can begin RIGHT NOW,
I'm out of breath as I write this, it's that exciting...

Warmest Regards,

Max Steingart
The Master of Internet Prospecting

P.S. Remember Eric, you have just a short window
before the 49% discount is gone. 

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