Special NEW Advanced Boot Camp- for Alumni - 65% Discount EXTENDED 48 hours

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I've agreed to do ONE Advanced Boot Camp series that will
start Saturday, September 19th. 

The original notice was sent out at the beginning of the holiday
weekend.  Many people were traveling and did not have access
to their email so I'm extending the offer.
If you REGISTER in the next 48 hours you can attend this event
for only $199.  That's the cut off.  On September 10th the price
increases to $350.
That's not a typo.  Until Midnight WEDNESDAY you can participate in
this Advanced Boot Camp for ONLY $199.  That's a 67% Discount.
People registering on Thursday will still save but pay $350. 

That's an additional $151 in extra savings if you act fast.


During this Advanced "Closing the Sale" Boot Camp I'll personally
help each participant close 5 sales.  All you have to do, is send
me the complete emails or text dialogs between you and your

I've posted a video to explain the details.
To learn more go to: http://www.prospectingmasteryuniversity.com/
From prospecting, lead nurturing, to closing the deal – this "Advanced
Alumni Only" event is all about boosting your business, developing
your downline… and watching your bottom line skyrocket!
You'll discover the latest groundbreaking opportunities to grow
your business using the brand new MySpace and Facebook features
that will instantly:
- Double the number of leads, prospects, and recruits flowing
into your business!
- Crank up the quality of each lead… without sacrificing quantity!
- Harness the latest tools to grow your profits… without
spending a dime!
But it gets even better…
I'm also going to take you step-by-step through my ENTIRE "Suspect to
prospect, prospect to new recruit" process… LIVE!
You will see me recruit live people and help others do the same… from search,
approach, and sealing the deal… you witness every detail, see every interaction,
and hear every word!
Plus, I will help you customize everything for your business, including:
- Your profile!
- Your message!
- Your Image!
- Your Opening!
- Your Scripts!
Everything you need to confidently approach and close more prospects, better
prospects.. in less time!
You'll get everything you need to take your business to the next level.
My new scripts will work for you every time and you'll close more sales....online
and offline.
This is mission critical, "must have" information that no one should go without!
So REGISTER in the next 48 hours for $199 and save an extra $151.
The price goes back to $350 at midnight Wednesday.

I am slashing 67% off my normal boot camp tuition – to encourage
you to move heaven and earth to attend this event… making your tuition
just pennies on the dollar. If you can't attend the first session it will be
recorded for your convenient viewing.
But you must hurry… there are only 50 seats available and it will fill up fast!
So click on the link below now, and get in while you still can:
Warmest regards,
Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking
P.S.If you'd like me to personally coach you go to:
and I'll give put you in this advanced class for free

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